• October 19, 2018



NetApp Remote Replication: SnapMirror or SnapVault?

Recently, I’ve been taking part in discussions involving NetApp hardware and its backup solutions. When it comes to NetApp’s remote replication solutions SnapMirror and SnapVault, there can be confusion as to what each do and which best suits their needs. Although similar in name, SnapMirror and SnapVault differ in abilities and target different use cases, […]

MIrroring Storage

Why mirroring alone falls short for adequate data protection

We held a very informative webinar recently on DASD backup and recovery for z/OS environments. One of the questions that came up was “why do I need your backup and recovery solution when I already mirror to another site?” This question is certainly not uncommon. Many of our account executives say that they run into […]


Rocket Storage Monthly: HDS Replication and Virtualization

Hitachi Data Systems, more commonly just HDS, is a major player in the enterprise storage system space that I’ve yet to cover in previous entries. They’ve been in the business of enterprise storage for well over a decade now and have a coherent lineup that spans the mid to high-end segments. Let’s take a look […]

Mainframe data Storage

Live from IBM Edge2015: infrastructure matters when it matters

I attended my first IBM Edge conference this week, along with 6000 other attendees who are interested in infrastructure.  Infrastructure includes stuff like monitoring, backups, recovery analysis, data integration, etc.  It’s not a very sexy topic, but like hygiene, it’s important when it’s lacking.  However, this week at Edge2015 , there were some pretty sexy […]

IBM Edge Storage

Live from IBM Edge2015: powering the connected economy

The technology world stands at an interesting point right now. 20 years into the Internet revolution, companies are starting to realize that good enough isn’t good enough anymore. To truly stand out and succeed in the marketplace, companies have to be better. Whether they’re B2B, B2C, or anything in between, they have to provide unique, […]


Rocket Storage Monthly: An intro to backups with HP 3Par

  Within last month’s entry for Rocket Storage Monthly, I explored some of the highlights and benefits of the HP 3PAR storage arrays. Among the benefits is a simple, sensible CLI that is consistent across their lineup and gives access to all of the backup and management features. This CLI makes automation and management of […]


Rocket Storage Monthly: Thoughts on HP 3PAR

At Rocket, we use a variety of storage hardware from some well-known vendors such as EMC and HDS. Lately, however, I have had the opportunity to work with something a bit different: an HP 3PAR. Relatively speaking, HP 3PAR is a fairly new player in this market segment. HP completed the acquisition of 3PAR only […]


Rocket Storage Monthly: The future of TimeFinder with VMAX3

Earlier this year we spoke about the different types of TimeFinder local replication present within the EMC VMAX. However, as we move through 2015 and into 2016 we will see a new flagship making its way into datacenters. EMC is planning to replace the VMAX with a new model called the VMAX3. This new member […]


Rocket Storage Monthly: Exploring Volume Cloning on VMAX with SYMCLI

In last month’s entry of Rocket Storage Monthly, I described the primary methods for creating backups on EMC’s VMAX using the TimeFinder family of software. Now you should have an understanding about which type of TimeFinder you want to use, but how will you execute and manage backups? Let’s go into more detail today and […]


Rocket Storage Monthly: TimeFinder–Three Ways to Backup with an EMC VMAX Array

EMC is one of the biggest companies in the business of enterprise storage ,and as such you’ll find that their products are used by many companies globally. If you’ve worked with EMC’s Tier 1 VMAX arrays, you might have noticed that they’re equipped with a variety of backup options. But which is best for your […]