• August 15, 2020



At Pulse: How Rocket Helps TD Bank Protect Data

On Monday at Pulse: Learn how Rocket Servergraph helps TD Bank protect its customer data!

Predictive and Proactive IT and Data Protection Management [VIDEO]

IBM Service Management’s Ian Smith interviews Rocket’s Don Becker and blogs about how Rocket is helping clients to proactively manage increasingly complex and heterogeneous IT and data protection infrastructures.

Rocket AS results in Excel Technology

Harness the power of Rocket AS with Excel

Rocket AS provides a myriad of processing capabilities for data access, analysis, and presentation styles, as all users know. However, the widespread use of Excel as a business intelligence and/or analytics tool throughout any enterprise is simply a fact of life.


HOW TO: Create WCF OData Service with U2 Toolkit for .NET

This quick start helps Rocket U2 Customers become familiar with WCF Data Services and the Open Data Protocol (OData) .


U2 WCF OData service (RESTful service) for Windows Phone 8 applications

In this topic we will describe how to consume WCF oData Service in a Windows Phone 8 App.

Rocket Top 10 for 2014 Technology

Rocket’s Top 10 Countdown to a 2014 Takeoff

Rocket CEO Andy Youniss offers his look into IT needs facing the industry in 2014. Check out his Top 10 list of IT challenges and solutions. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: Rocket Software

Innovation Doesn’t Happen In a Silo

This past week, leadership teams at Rocket took part in a week-long summit around the ideas of courage, ownership and inspiration.

Option 94 – Working with Jobs by Group

Did you know that there is a new method in iCluster to enable you to see all the jobs that are running in the XDMCLUSTER subsystem for a particular group only? If you are running iCluster 7.1 TR1 or later, you can use Option 94 next to the group in the Primary and Backup Status […]


What is Innovation Leadership?

Innovation isn’t everything. That wasn’t a typo – “isn’t” Don’t get me wrong, innovation is a key ingredient at Rocket, it’s just that ‘solving customer problems’ is really what it is all about. The trick is making sure customer problems are visible to everyone and then empowering the team to solve them. Several weeks ago, […]


Rocket and Our NoSQL (MultiValue) Database Servers

Hey, have you noticed that Rocket just acquired the MultiValue databases and related products from TigerLogic?  I want to assure you that the employees and the products have found the best possible home.