• July 23, 2018



Option 13 to the Rescue! Fix iCluster Out of Sync Conditions Quickly

Did you know that option 13 Activate OOS on the WRKHATMON (Work with target monitor) command will automatically refresh all iCluster Out of Sync (OOS) objects for a group in one fell swoop? No need to issue option 8 and option 1 for each of individual entry.


Reduce key strokes to get into iCluster

Is it a pain to issue CHGCURLIB ICLUSTER and then GO DMCLUSTER to get into iCluster?

Tracking iCluster Communications Messages

If you are having communications issues, you can see some of the internal comms messages that are generated by iCluster behind the scenes to assist in problem resolution.

Running iCluster DMAUTOCFG when it’s already configured!

The iCluster command DMAUTOCFG is great for initially configuring your iCluster environment, but did you also know it can be used even after you are up and running?