• June 25, 2022


RocketSoftware.com v1 #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: looking back at RocketSoftware.com v1.0

It’s hard to imagine a time before the World Wide Web, but in the mid-to-late 1990s, many companies still didn’t have websites. Many of the companies that were online had sites that look primitive today–just take a look at some old versions of eBay, Google and the New York Times. The initial appearance of RocketSoftware.com, […]

D3 through the years #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: two decades of coffee with D3

D3, one of Rocket’s MultiValue DBMS solutions, began its life at Pick Systems. This was the company founded by Dick Pick, co-creator of the Pick OS developed in the 1960s. In 2000, the company merged with Omnis Technology Corp, and 2001 the name was changed to Raining Data. In 2008 the name changed yet again […]

CorVu Profile #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: a blast from CorVu’s past

CorVu was founded in 1990, and was brought into the Rocket family 17 years later in 2007. Based in Sydney, Australia, the first CorVu product hit the marketing in 1993, and the company expanded to other countries around the world within a matter of years. By September 1994 a London office had opened, with a […]

Aldon change purse #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: managing change with Aldon ALM

As we continue to celebrate Rocket’s 25th anniversary year, we’re also celebrating all of the companies that have joined the Rocket portfolio over the years. Originally founded in 1979, Aldon was acquired four years ago, in March 2011, to help provide Rocket customers with an Application Lifecycle Management solution. Last month I received an email […]

Rocket 25 #ThrowbackThursday

Happy Birthday to Rocket!

Thanks to the International Date Line, I get to be one of the first Rocketeers to celebrate a milestone birthday for Rocket Software. That’s because I’m in our office in Sydney, Australia, right now as part of an extended trip to meet with our customers and partners and Rocketeers. So while it’s still April 15 […]

AS 40 Years Cake #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: Helping customers solve business problems for 40 years with Rocket AS

As we celebrate Rocket’s 25th anniversary we’ve been looking at some of the great innovations that the company has made since 1990. This week, however, we’re going all the way back to 1975, when men wore bellbottoms with no apparent sense of irony. That’s because this week the Rocket AS (Analytics Server) product celebrates its […]

CorVu ad #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: From Rocket scientists to secret agents

While Andy and Johan were starting a company of “rocket scientists,” it seems the pioneers of another company were likening themselves to the “secret agents” of business intelligence software! That company was CorVu Corporation, founded in Sydney, Australia. CorVu became part of Rocket Software in 2007, and I am happy to report that both our […]


Rocket at 25: Build it with Rocket

In 2015 Rocket celebrates its 25th birthday, and I am celebrating my first year with Rocket. This is a good occasion to look back on an eventful and exciting time for me. When Rocket acquired my employer, Trubiquity, last March, we were all very excited but not too sure what the future would bring – […]


Rocket at 25: The value of being contrarian

When I look back at Rocket’s growth over the last 25 years, I am amazed by the number of “fork in the road” moments that allowed us to grow and succeed. Of course, we make decisions every day – both large and small – but a handful of the critical decisions that we have made […]

Rocket first tax filing #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: would you frame a tax filing?

The yearly March 15 corporate tax deadline is coming soon. While this can be a stressful time for people running a new company, it can also be an opportunity to take stock of how the business is doing and reflect on the previous year. John Benoit, Rocket’s Senior Director of Tax and Treasury, recently dug […]