• June 25, 2022


Troy Heindel #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: a real rocket man

When Johan Gedda and I co-founded the company in 1990, we chose the name Rocket Software because we wanted to be rocket scientists. Over the last 25 years we’ve had many brilliant people work here, but one long-term Rocketeer lives up to our name: Troy Heindel is actually a rocket scientist. That’s right – he […]

Andy Youniss #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: celebrating our birthday with Aerosmith

As IBM InterConnect winds down, many people are waking up later than usual today after a night of celebration. We started the night with CEO Andy Youniss taking the MGM Arena stage with his own guitar before giving one away, which was then followed by a great set from rock & roll legends Aerosmith. Once […]

Rocket cap #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: a memento from our first trade show

One of the earliest pieces of Rocket memorabilia in CEO Andy Youniss’ collection comes from the first trade show the company attended as an exhibitor, back in the early 1990s. Andy recalls seeing a baseball cap a friend had from his time in the US Navy, and liking the way Navy was spelled out in […]


Rocket at 25: rock shows past, present and future

Rocket CEO Andy Youniss is an accomplished guitar player and pianist, and Rocket is a company full of musicians. Rocket HQ is full of music memorabilia, and guitars, basses and amps have even been known to show up at company off-site events for after-hours use. This love of music carries over to event sponsorships as […]

Rocket Waltham HQ #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: how Rocket’s new headquarters are transforming how we do business

Rocket Software started 25 years ago in a spare bedroom in my house near Boston. I remember writing programs in that bedroom, meeting with IBM around the dining room table, having lunch meetings in the kitchen, and adding a desk in the basement when we needed more space. “Two guys in a garage” was a […]

First Rocket Patent #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: our first patent

While Rocket was founded in 1990, the team’s first patent came only nine years ago, in 2006. If you look carefully, you’ll see that the patent was awarded for a “method and system for determining network topology,” and was originally submitted by Joe Devlin, Managing Director of R&D. According to Joe, he and Rocket filed […]


Rocket at 25: remembering how we got started

25 years ago I was a young programmer who had recently joined a small start-up venture just outside of Boston called DBView. It was there that I met Johan Gedda. After DBView was sold by the owner (who, by the way, was Johan’s MIT fraternity brother) Johan approached me and asked if I would be […]

Platinum Technology ad #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: stop the countdown!

Even though Rocket was founded in 1990, the company flew beneath most people’s radar for the first few years. It wasn’t until this ad appeared in the November, 1993 issue of Data Management Review magazine that the team realized they had been noticed. And while Rocket wasn’t mentioned by name, the implications were pretty clear. […]

Andy Youniss Business Card #ThrowbackThursday

Rocket at 25: a yearlong trip through our past, our present, and our future

When Johan Magnusson-Gedda and I started Rocket Software back in April of 1990, I couldn’t imagine that one day we’d be celebrating our 25th year as a company. This is a milestone that makes me extremely proud and excited at the same time, and I want to celebrate it with the Rocket community. Over the […]