• October 20, 2018

User Experience

User Experience

Live from IBM Insight2015: when was the last time you read a privacy policy?

This was a question posed today at an Insight session on data-centric security and privacy. The issue is vexing, and it is rapidly becoming more so. Consider this: most countries have privacy legislation. Some, like the US, are industry focused. Others, like EU nations, are more oriented on individual rights. But while they all set […]

Viewing actual watch size using the Apple Store app User Experience

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, should I get an Apple Watch, yes or no?

The great Greek philosopher Plato described “emotion” and “reason” as two winged horses pulling us in opposite directions. The horse “emotion,” in my case, wears a beautiful Apple Watch on every leg. “Reason,” however, refuses to do so and instead keeps asking the same question over and over: “What is the Apple Watch actually for?” What is […]

Target audience User Experience

Who are you writing for?

In high school my writing was always terse and to the point — as I saw it. I never received any grades better than C for it. I left high school with the conviction that I had better work where writing was not a requirement. As a programmer I struggled with documentation over the years. It was […]

User Experience

Rocket at 25: A Penny for Your Thoughts

Surveys. We are constantly bombarded with surveys – after we take a flight, after we check out of a hotel, after we purchase a car, etc. And that doesn’t even count the random ones that show up in our inboxes every day. Which ones do you respond to? Which ones do you ignore? Rocket Software […]

User Experience

Product selection in the digital era

Recently our washing machine broke. This was quite inconvenient, especially as I had a full laundry basket which still needed to be washed. And it was (of course) in the middle of the week, late in the evening. So when were we going to get around to organizing a replacement? But this is the age […]

User Experience

Windows 10’s Edge: How does Internet Explorer’s successor perform?

Earlier this year, Microsoft revealed that it will be releasing a new browser, named Edge, which is meant to replace Internet Explorer as the default browser on Windows. Despite competitors such as Firefox and Chrome having taken some market share from Internet Explorer (IE) over the years, it is still commonly used. As Windows has been […]

Collection of remote controls User Experience

Mobile app development: are you tuned in to the right channel?

The multi channel enterprise Mobility is the new reality. Customers and employees expect information or services from your company to be accessible on their personal devices at any time of day. How this information or services are actually presented by the System of Engagement on those mobile devices depends on the channel. In general, these three […]

CAsh User Experience

The Hidden Costs of Application Unavailability

When a technology application or system goes down, it can be fairly easy to calculate the cost in terms of lost productivity, IT support, and the effects on the bottom line (missed service level agreements). But what about the hidden costs that don’t show up on the balance sheet? Most of us don’t even think […]

Rocket Build Montage User Experience

Rocket DiGIT recap: Preparing infrastructure for digital transformation

Last week at the Rocket 25 DiGIT Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, I had the pleasure of meeting dozens of customers from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the UK.  I also had the honor of presenting a conference-wide presentation on preparing infrastructure for digital transformation. This was a first-time presentation of my thoughts on this topic.  […]

User Experience

The complexity of simplicity

Problems are hard to solve, and very hard problems are very hard to solve. But what if someone comes to you demanding that something complicated needs to be made simple? You might think it’s impossible, until you realize that you and the other person may not completely understand the problem. How for example do you […]