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New app for food trucks turns on a dime to meet customer requirements

Jamie Luna, President of Alcomtec (a Rocket partner) quickly and easily modified his food-truck app, Fudtrack, to respond to customer requests and market demands in the heat of a changing tech (and kitchen!) landscape. Thanks to the flexibility of Rocket UniData, the MultiValue application platform powering the app, Jaime was able to modify Fudtrack to […]


MultiValue University October 2020 events

In case you missed it, October is full of MVU events. Last week we held an event entitled U2 External Database Access (EDA) and Reporting: Best Practices. If you missed it or if you want to re-watch any part of this great event, here are links to the videos: Introduction to EDA Understanding SQL and […]


Connection pooling 101 for Rocket® UniData® and Rocket® UniVerse

Interested in the basics of connection pooling: what is it, why you need it, and some best practices, then this blog post is for you! What is connection pooling?      Connection pooling is a technique that allows multiple clients to send requests through an application server to a shared set or a pool of persistent database […]


Rocket UniData 8.2.2 Available Now

We’re excited to announce the release of Rocket ® UniData ® 8.2.2. This release offers many bug fixes and dozens of enhancements plus certification on RedHat Linux 8. UniData 8.2.2 also delivers Python on new operating systems (hint, AIX and Solaris), enhanced security, improved performance and monitoring, audit enhancements and extended EDA database support. This […]



Part 3 of 3 In the previous article “Dealing with the Python time module from Rocket MV BASIC” I showed how it is possible to access the Python internal time module and convert the Python date to string display format, then convert it back into the number of seconds since Epoch. Python RESULT: python time= […]


Monitoring and Logging using Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS)

The Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) provides a lot of features including monitoring and logging, both critical to supporting mission-critical, live applications. I’ve made a video demonstrating how to leverage the monitoring features to support an MV environment and to debug issues. This video demonstrates how different clients, including a .Net GUI form and a […]