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Heritage Bank: With the MultiValue Application Platform, there’s no downtime down under

Established in 1875, Heritage Bank is Australia’s largest customer-owned bank, with 60 branches in Queensland and broker distribution staff in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. They have approximately $9.5 billion (AUD) in assets and a staff of around 800 employees. Learn why Heritage Bank trusts  Rocket UniVerse to server its customers 24/7/365 – for over three […]


EDA tables cannot be joined with two different collations against SQL Server: A Solution

Overview External Database Access (EDA) enables you to convert data stored in the Rocket U2 database to a 1NFdatabase, such as Microsoft SQL Server, then access that data using existing UniVerse BASIC programs, RetrieVe, or UniData/UniVerse SQL. There are a number of reasons to join EDA tables. When combining rows from multiple tables in one […]


Please vote for Rocket Software: Best MultiValue Database

Rocket Software is extremely grateful for your continued support of our MultiValue products, including UniVerse, UniData and D3. These tools help thousands of organizations around the world solve critical business and technical issues, and we come to work every day to make them even better. Each year, awards are given by the readers of Database […]


❤️ Love your data? Fall in love with your backups. ❤️

Data is the lifeblood of your business. What happens if you lost access to it, or even worse, lost your data altogether? Would your business survive? The stories we tell here are true. We have changed the names to protect the innocent. You may already know Phil and Phyllis. They work for Acme Corp. with […]


New Replication Scripts for Microsoft Windows

Starting at 1.6.3 on Microsoft Windows the console program has been dropped and rewritten completely in Windows Power Shell U2 Replication is a very powerful, very configurable but very complex part of both UniData and UniVerse. Many customers have historically become very adept at deploying there U2 Applications into environments where the people responsible for […]


New TIMESTAMP data type is supported on UniVerse and soon on 12.1.1 (Phase 1)

Overview Timestamp data, while very common and important, is not easy to store and use at the current UniVerse versions. You must convert it to two fields in UniVerse file and use the I-Type field to combine two fields back to the original timestamp data. Now you can save timestamp data to Unix Epoch time […]