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3 Tips to Help with Your Transition to D3 10.3 Windows

In July, Rocket Software released D3 10.3 Windows with performance improvement, security upgrades, and new features that will enhance your D3 experience. There are significant changes to the installation process and new documentation choices to support the upgrade. This blog is designed to ensure that current D3 customers have the information necessary to give them […]


Rocket® D3 10.3.1 for Windows | Now Available!

Well, the wait is over. Not Games of Thrones, as that has come and gone, but I haven’t seen the final season yet, so no spoilers please! No, the wait I’m talking about is the wait for the next release of D3 – release 10.3.1. At the recent Business Forum events held in Australia in […]

Advantages of using the Certificate Management Tool for SSL Certificates

As an overall security strategy, SSL security is a key component of the Rocket MultiValue application platform. The release of U2 Common Client 5.2.0 debuts a new tool, the Certificate Management Tool (CMT), which will reduce the overhead of system administrators in managing SSL certificates. Why does the MV application platform need a new tool […]


UniVerse 12 now available

The Rocket MultiValue team is excited to announce general availability of UniVerse 12.  This release truly provides something for everyone. At its core, and I mean that literally, we rearchitected how data is processed resulting in greater performance and increased security. We added a larger, configurable shared memory buffer which allows for faster retrieval of […]


South Africa MV Business Forum

Rocket partner, AXIZ (PTY) LTD, hosted a two-day MultiValue event in Sandton, South Africa, May 14 & 15. Rocketeers Iain Ramage, Patrick Griffiths, Claude Masseron and Jamie Devlin flew over from the UK to meet with customers, provide live demos and answer questions. Agenda items included: A Rocket MV roadmap, offering a glimpse at product […]


Working with U2 Clients against U2 unirpc Daemon using a different port

Overview Using multiple unirpcd daemons to balance client requests can have a positive impact on performance. Also, using a different port for a specific application simplifies management. And, if users are on a newer version of UniData or UniVerse, they might want to use a different port specifically for a secure connection. On newer versions […]