It’s about time – your valuable training time

Hiring and training new employees is very time consuming. It can also be very costly.  Rocket Software provides a solution to both those problems with a great new resource available NOW.

Self-paced (computer-based) training helps  you get new hires up to speed quickly. Now you don’t need to wait until a class is scheduled or have enough people to get a class delivered on site. Every new employee can begin training on his or her first day of the new job. A great place to start is a U2 Fundamentals class; it teaches the basics of both Rocket UniData and Rocket UniVerse. This self-paced class contains all the material that’s in the instructor-led 4-day class (offered for years by Rocket), but now your new hire can take the class at his or her own pace, and at a time of day that works best.

Don’t worry, your new hires will still benefit from doing hands-on exercises. The self-paced version of U2 Fundamentals provides instructions on how to download a personal/trial version of the products and provides a small account of files that your new hires use throughout the course. As students try examples and complete exercises at the end of each unit, your new hire will feel confident in the skills he or she is learning.

Check out an overview of the class here.

Here is a sneak peek at what the self-paced U2 Fundamentals course looks like online.

What is this going to cost?

If you have a valid serial number for UniData or UniVerse and it’s on active maintenance, there is no cost. That’s right, it’s FREE. You can access the class from the main menu of RBC.  If you’re a USA/Canada customers, please visit and if you’re somewhere else in the world, visit

You don’t need to log in to RBC; just click on the block labeled U2 Fundamentals Online Course. From there you’ll be taken to the security page where you’ll enter your valid serial number.

If you don’t have a current maintenance contract, you can still purchase the class through our vendor by visiting


Would you still like instructor-led training?

No problem, we have authorized independent training partners throughout the world who have been certified by Rocket and teach the Rocket developed curriculum. A link to each of their webpages can be found here.


Really excited about self-paced?

No problem, we are continuing to build more classes for this platform.  Keep watching for news of exciting additions to our self-paced classes.

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Joan Dunn, Principal Education Consultant, creates education courses and delivers certification for the Rocket Software MV products. She has been providing training expertise for over 20 years in the MultiValue space, including the recent creation of self-paced courses and ongoing work on all certification exams used by Rocket’s MultiValue group. In her spare time, Joan enjoys traveling and watching baseball.


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