MultiValue Application Platform Modernization

I suspect that, secretly, most of us want to be perceived as hip. We slip terms like tickety-boo or da bomb into our speech; buy the latest Apple device; or wear the latest in fashion, even, crazy as it sounds, men’s rompers. When it comes to the applications that support your business, perception needs to be reality. To stay competitive, you need to modernize.

Organizations need to continuously ask, are we falling behind in technology? What do we need to do to optimize our application portfolio to ensure our solutions are modern, fully functional, flexible, and responsive to changing business needs? With the speed at which new databases are introduced, from relational to NoSQL, or programming languages, from Java to Python, applications written within the last 5 years can suddenly be labeled “outdated” or “legacy.” Is rip-and-replace (replacing an old system with one that is modern) the right answer? Does the cost, risk, and time involved in such an effort outweigh the benefits? How big a risk are you willing to take if your reputation is on the line?

All too often, organizations captivated by “hip,” new technology, throw the baby out with the bathwater (as the saying goes) and sign on without first examining the valuable workhorse they currently have. The MultiValue Application Platform is an example of technology worth preserving. Compare it to the 4.7 V8 engine you find in a Toyota Landcruiser; old school, proven, dependable, bulletproof design. With over 56,600 MultiValue sites, 2.7 million end users on active maintenance, and 700 partners, the MultiValue Platform has proven to be one of the most reliable, cost effective, flexible platforms to-date.

That said, keeping up with the demands of modern business is exactly what the Rocket MultiValue engineering team has been doing. Python, a top 5, in-demand programming language, is now part of the platform. This allows veterans and new developers to extend existing MultiValue applications and accelerate development time by leveraging the extensive set of available Python libraries from the Python Community. For Business Intelligence requirements, MultiValue data can be easily accessed and transformed into visualizations for data discovery, which helps organizations discover trends, issues, and unexpected opportunities. You can use HTML5 to enrich the UI, turning it into an intuitive, optimal user experience with greater functionality. And, the MultiValue Application Platform lets you integrate with other applications and clients via RESTful or SOAP web service requests that are translated to JSON or XML, formats that are easily consumed by many other applications. You’ll not only modernize your application, you’ll create the ability to tap into new sources of revenue.

Rocket has decades of experience with the MultiValue Application Platform. All your modernization demands will be met, supported, and backed by a world-renowned and trusted team. Rocket offers the modernization tools and expertise to help you gain more business value from existing MultiValue applications. We can help you increase the productivity and effectiveness of your applications, and reduce costs and time to market by up to 90% over application replacement and rewrite methods.

The bottom line is, if you want to be da bomb in your organization, make sure you’ve thoroughly evaluated your existing investment, otherwise, your project could turn into the latest casualty on the heap of failed IT projects.

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Julianna Cammarano is Director of Product Marketing in the Rocket MultiValue group


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