Rocket MultiValue Upgrade Resources

Whether you’re trying to convince colleagues within your organization or end users of your application to upgrade, Rocket has some great videos that you can use to communicate the importance of upgrading.

First, if you don’t know Vinnie Smith, Managing Director of R&D, MultiValue Application Platform, I’d like to introduce you to him, and invite you to watch his short video that focuses on the value of technical support and the critical business issues that our most recent product releases address.

We also have two product videos that focus on the latest features and their benefits; one for UniVerse 11.3.1 and one for UniData 8.2.

And as Pete Johnson said in his April 5 blog post “Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade your MultiValue Application Platform” … We’d love to hear your thoughts on upgrading (or not upgrading) to the latest MultiValue Application Platform version.  Help us better understand any hesitations you have so we can tackle these challenges together!

Don’t forget, if you want to upgrade, a current maintenance agreement is necessary. Rocket wants to help you get back on maintenance. Please contact your software provider or your Rocket account executive. If you are a Rocket software provider, we want to help you get your end users back on maintenance. We have a comprehensive plan, all the necessary resources, and would love to help you put together a program. Please contact me at to learn about the details.


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Hi, I'm the Product Marketing Manager for Rocket MultiValue. I returned to MultiValue in 2014. You see, I started my career right out of grad school with Unidata in downtown Denver. Back then I worked with our hardware partners including DEC, Data General, Sequent, HP and many others! Later I moved to MarComm and Product Marketing. I love being back in MV and in my free time enjoy spending time with my family skiing, hiking and enjoying Colorado.


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