Rocket R/Link – Why I think you’ll be interested

Rocket R/Link (officially) is a comprehensive, secure online file sharing and managed file transfer (MFT) solution that resides on your network or private cloud. Unofficially, it’s a solution that we use every day here at Rocket from the R&D lab to legal. And, I think it’s pretty cool that we’re “drinking our own champagne.”

Since we’re using R/Link every day, we can share our ideas with the R&D lab on how to improve the software. When an occasional bug pops up we can report the details of what happened. Most important; we can honestly tell a partner or a customer how useful this software solution truly is.

R/Link lets me securely share a large file with a partner outside of Rocket or an mp3 video like this one with my web team so they can post it on the Rocket website. To add a file I simply log in to R/Link from the Rocket intranet, upload the large file or folder, and right click it to instantly create a download link. I can share the file with any Rocketeer or someone at another organization, via an email that contains the link I just created. The recipient just clicks on the link to download the file. It really is that easy.

Maybe you’re thinking, isn’t that why my company has an FTP site? My experience with FTP is that it’s insecure (I don’t necessarily know who has access to a folder where I upload a file), and I can’t easily trace and track my transfers. So, if your organization or IT department has strict rules around sharing sensitive files within or outside the organization, or if your organization is subject to certain industry standards or compliance requirements, R/Link can be a valuable addition.

What else do I like about R/Link? Since it’s browser-based, I don’t have to install R/Link on my laptop. And I can get to files on R/Link or add files to R/Link from anywhere, as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection.

And, if I have a file that I need to send on a recurring schedule, I can set up R/Link to automatically transfer the file on a specific day/time or any time the file is updated. Now that’s what I call being efficient!

Things to think about

Did you know R/Link works with Rocket D3, Rocket UniData, and Rocket UniVerse via a RESTful API?

Do you have a Rocket MultiValue-based application that would benefit from adding R/Link?

Would your staff or customers benefit from easy-to-use and secure file sharing?

Why trust your valuable and confidential information to free online services?

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  • Kevin Drury Reply

    June 29, 2017 at 9:46 am

    It is also integrated into the wIntegrate product as well.

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