Angular, REST and U2: Part 3

This is the third post in the series, Angular, REST and U2. The first two posts in this series taught us how to use Angular and TypeScript to create a scalable single page application, and how to hook it up to U2 using the Rocket U2 RESTful Web Services. In this third and final post, we switch to a more challenging architecture: leveraging the power of the Microsoft WebAPI running on top of the Rocket U2 Toolkit for .NET.  The payback is increased control and flexibility to craft the best interfaces to our U2 solutions.

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With a degree in Old English and Medieval Studies and a qualification in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it was perhaps inevitable that Brian Leach became a MultiValue developer. He served his time working for a PICK-based software house becoming product manager for a number of local government finance solutions. Soon after one of his clients took the first copy of UniVerse to leave the shores of the US, he became the first hire for ADG, the original Master Distributor for UniVerse in the UK and Europe. Through this subsequent work as a head of development with ADG, MMT and Microgen, Brian focused on cutting edge MultiValue techniques, client/server and web development, tools and middleware solutions, as well as building a portfolio of consultancy and training. A founding board member and past president of the U2 User Group, in 2008 he was recognized as an inaugural IBM Information Champion. Today, Brian works as an independent MultiValue consultant, trainer and tool developer specializing in bringing the latest technologies and best practices to the platform. He is passionate about MultiValue in the modern world, actively contributes to the user communities and publications and has authored a number of books on UniVerse. Most recently he has been leading MultiValue developers in adapting Agile principles and automated testing to improve code quality and has worked with some of the largest – and smallest – MultiValue sites. Brian lives in rural Oxfordshire, UK, where he writes and directs the village pantomime each year. A former Cathedral Chorister he has returned to his other joy – singing – now that his girls have grown up and moved beyond earshot.


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