Drinking the Discover Champagne

By the time the middle of June rolled around, most Rocket interns had already settled into their positions and dug into their projects. However, for me, it was my first day of work. With a major in Management Science and Engineering, along with a minor in Computer Science I had found a place in the Project/Program Management group at the Denver office, a central engineering hub for the MultiValue application platform. My task this summer would be to use Rocket Discover, our own Business Intelligence (BI) product, to access, visualize, and analyze business data stored within the Rocket Business Connect (RBC).

Not only is Discover a Rocket product, but the RBC was built using Rocket SB/XA and Rocket UniData, components of the MultiValue application platform. Using Discover to work with data stored in a MultiValue database was the ultimate experience for me – I gained skills working with a self-service BI tool, helped reveal business insights for the company, and used the same MultiValue database technology that every person in my office is working on. It is the epitome of “drinking our own champagne”.

The goal was to find useful insights within the massive volume of data in the RBC. Along the way, I also learned the ins and outs of Discover and how to use the tool to its fullest potential. Although I started late, it was easy to get caught up and move forward using Discover. Within a matter of weeks, we had dashboards up and running, showing valuable information. We can now see adoption rates for each product or product group, identify factors that either help or hinder adoption, see the trends from our largest partners and identify how we can best serve them, and so much more.

Discover is easy to learn and filled with so much power and potential. While this is the information that we have already curated for use, the possibilities are endless – both with the data encompassed in RBC and any other source, from desktops to database servers to mainframes. In the end, I got to see Rocket Software from every angle. While working within the MultiValue lab in Denver I was surrounded by the development of MultiValue, used data stored in MultiValue technology, and got to act as an end user of Discover. It truly was a unique Rocket experience.


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