Relational or MultiValue – The choice is clear for Trust Company of America

Planned obsolescence is the manufacturing industry’s worst kept secret. Consumers purchase electronics with the expectation that they will need to replace them in the future. Because it has no moving parts of its own, software has engendered the opposite expectation; buy it, install it, problem solved, move on. If only.

The metaphor holds up in that software doesn’t crack or rust or tear, but the problems that need solving today were not anticipated yesterday, and software can’t always keep up with the times. That was the situation the Trust Company of America (TCA), the largest independent Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) custodian in the US, found when it decided it wanted to bundle trades from thousands of customers simultaneously to take advantage of economies of scale.

Their core application platform included what-if trading, complex algorithms that execute calculations to test a financial model using different assumptions and scenarios, which change continuously along with the relevant regulations. And legislation required them to provide accurate cost basis reporting on all trades and holdings, daily. That seemed like a problem that could be solved with a traditional RDBMS, except that it couldn’t. It would have required eight or more indexed tables, multiple nested joins, and a long stretch of down time while waiting for the RDBMS to process the two hundred thousand or more rows of data that would need to be discarded and replaced every day.

So they did what any sensible business would do—they turned to the Rocket MultiValue Application Platform. Yes, that’s software, too, but with a difference. It was designed to meet unanticipated challenges, so it has the flexibility to handle complex and changing data models. According to James Capps, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), TCA, the MultiValue Application Platform, using the Rocket UniVerse data server, provides an intuitive way to model data in three dimensions, which couldn’t be done efficiently with a legacy RDBMS.

Read the case study and find out just how much time and money TCA saved, and how much additional value they were able to provide their RIAs by implementing their solution with the MultiValue platform. We can’t guarantee that you’ll never need to buy new software again, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be because Rocket can’t keep up with whatever you can imagine.

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