D3 Provides Upgrade Path for mvBase Users: A New Option from the Rocket MV R&D Lab

The Rocket MultiValue (MV) R&D Lab is all about creating efficiencies to produce better products for our partners and customers. For example, our “tick tock” development strategy, where we make enhancements to one database and then apply those enhancements to a different database, is one strategy we employ.

In that vein, we decided the best way to give our mvBase customers maximum functionality is to make it easy for them to upgrade to D3 and get all the functionality they need to quickly solve their critical business issues (CBIs) while keeping their application and its familiar functionality.

Our strategy translates to great news for Rocket mvBase partners and customers.  With the upcoming release of D3 10.3.1, mvBase customers can upgrade to D3 and receive the core mvBase functionality and features that they currently have, as well as take advantage of all the features available in D3 (i.e., the best of both!!).  Rocket has a team of experts that can assist customers in getting the system compiled and upgraded to D3 and expedite the transition.  For those mvBase customers that are on maintenance, the upgrade to D3 is FREE.

By providing an upgrade path to our mvBase customers to D3, we can be more responsive and focused.  Additionally, mvBase customers that participate in the upcoming Beta will get a free D3 OEM/Developer license.

The benefits provided by D3 are numerous; here’s a sample of what’s included in D3 10.3.1:

  • Scalability – 64-Bit database server
  • Security – Encryption and SSL communications
  • Stability – File System Interface (FSI) file system
  • Single Sign On – Host Authentication
  • Licensing flexibility – Rocket License Manager, Enterprise Licensing is more flexible than what is provided by the mvBase workstation, Connection Pooling completely new for mvBase customers and can be used with MVSP (Java, .Net, C/C++, and PHP) and the MVS Toolkit to maintain an open connection to a D3 database that can be used by multiple clients sequentially
  • Performance – FlashBasic and Advanced Indexing
  • Sustainability – IPv6, Database Triggers
  • System to system communications – Open System File Interface (OSFI)
  • Interoperability – SQL/ODBC Support
  • Access to relational databases OpenDB
  • HA/DR (High Availability/Disaster Recovery) via Rocket Hot Backup
  • Compliance/Source Code Control via Rocket Lifecycle Manager
  • Multi-Platform Support – Windows, Linux, AIX
  • Modernization – Python (Windows now. Linux and AIX soon), RESTful Web Services
  • Data Integrity – Transaction Bracketing (Use the Transaction Log menu on a master system to control what and how updates transmit to the associated slave server.)

Simply put, D3 provides, stability, reliability and longevity.  And did you hear, D3 earned DBTA’s 2017 and 2016 Reader’s Choice award for the Best MultiValue Database – two years in a row!

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  • John Bramley Reply

    October 19, 2017 at 9:53 am

    With the release of D3 10.3.1 Rocket is providing an upgrade path to D3 that provides an extensive set of proven features that support ongoing development of your mvBase applications at no additional cost. You get all the advantages of the features of the advanced D3 product without the overhead of a potential long and costly migration. I highly recommend you work with Rocket and our team of experts in getting your application compiled and upgraded to D3. D3 10.3.1 also introduces support for Python for D3, which allows you to easily extend your mvBase application capabilities, utilizing the over 115,000 Python packages openly available to Python developers.

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