Are you thankful for what your disaster recovery solution brings to the table?

Who really wants to be that DBA–sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, wondering if the recovery plan you chose is complete? Here’s a brief story about a technical lead at a Rocket customer organization determined not to be that DBA.

Just before the start of winter holidays, the technical lead decided to put his disaster recovery solution to the test so he could have peace of mind. He was very pleased to discover that when the systems came back up, his remote location subscriber system passed the test with flying colors. The remote location subscriber follows the Rocket MultiValue replication architecture (based on a publisher/subscriber(s) model).

Had this customer not implemented a Rocket MultiValue HA/DR solution, the outcome could have been a disaster. Most likely, the organization would have been down until after running a data integrity detection utility (Guide) on all files, and manually fixing the corruption. Estimated down time: at least 36 hours, with the team working over the holiday to get the system back up. That sure is a lot of missed turkey and stuffing, not to mention missed time spent with family and friends.

For a complete HA/DR solution, UniVerse or UniData Replication must be used. Watch our HA/DR video.

Be prepared. Eat your Thanksgiving dinner in peace. And don’t be that DBA…

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Director of Product Development and Technical Support for Pulsiam, a Rocket Partner in Encino CA


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