Rocket MultiValue Technical Support Team wins One Planet Award

Support Team of the Year: Top 10 List

So, why did the Rocket MultiValue Support team win the award? Here are the top 10 reasons!

10. Because issues occur on weekends and holidays “Follow the Sun” 24×7 support is always available if you need help. We know you can’t plan when you’ll need help—but we can. Rest easy knowing that somewhere in the world, a Rocket support engineer is available to help.

9. Unlike other software companies, we don’t have an additional charge for “premium” service because we believe that every customer deserves the best experience. It’s our promise in exchange for the privilege of doing business with you. There are no support tiers—all customers get the same great support.

8. Most Rocket MultiValue support professionals have been with us for years. They know the products and they know your business. As Rocket recognizes, delivering quality support is as much about building and maintaining relationships as it is about delivering technical expertise.

7. Whether the customer has a question, wants consulting, or just needs help solving a technical issue, the MultiValue support team will work to solve the issue in real-time. It all works because at Rocket Software, support is a team sport: key performance metrics are judged on a group basis, and collaboration between members is not merely tolerated–it’s encouraged. It means that you, the customer, get a workable solution, and you get it fast. We’re committed to solving your issues and we only close a ticket when you say the issue is resolved

6. It’s all in the numbers: The Rocket MV support team resolves over 8000 cases every year with a 96% customer satisfaction score. We understand that a call to Support is a call for help, and no one takes more pride in providing that help than a Rocket Support Engineer.

5. 96% represents overwhelming customer satisfaction, nonetheless Rocket believes that there’s always room for improvement. That’s why every year Rocket holds worldwide “support weeks,” in which support engineers, together with R&D, product management, professional services, marketing, and QA professionals, converge from across the globe to Rocket’s Denver and Irvine offices for two+ weeks of training. Support weeks offer a unique opportunity for Rocketeers to share and learn about building relationships, both within the company and with partners. And as a company with global reach, these sessions ensure that no matter which region you’re calling from, you’ll be treated to the same kind and quality of service.

4. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say about MV Support:

“Outstanding work; my expectation was far exceeded. Your support for this work is to be commended as being a shining example of what customer service should be in a lackluster IT world.”

 “I find the support staff to be very helpful and attentive to our needs. Always helpful in finding solutions to our problems and challenges. Rocket has a great team of professionals.”

“Every time I’ve called support with a problem or a question, they have gone above and beyond to get my question answered or to help me fix the problem I’ve created.”

“Customer service is top notch! They are responsive to customer requests and take actions to satisfy customer needs.”

3. Ultimately, what makes the MultiValue support team so special is how well connected it is with QA, R&D, and product management. This close network enables the MV Support Team to serve as a direct channel to the development team for new functionality that you need to grow your business.

2. The Rocket MV Support Team helps you protect your investment in our software. In addition to 24×7 support, when you’re on maintenance, you get self-service access to new versions, releases, modifications, and service packs. Our new Rocket Community includes a comprehensive Knowledge Base and product documentation to make it easy to identify common FAQs and fixes. Buying new hardware? You’re covered. Want to change or upgrade your OS? You’re covered.

1. And, drum roll please. The number one reason Rocket MV Support is award winning … we have the One Planet Award to brag about! In early December 2017, the Rocket MV Support Team won a One Planet Gold Award for “Support Team of the Year”!

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Hi, I'm the Product Marketing Manager for Rocket MultiValue. I returned to MultiValue in 2014. You see, I started my career right out of grad school with Unidata in downtown Denver. Back then I worked with our hardware partners including DEC, Data General, Sequent, HP and many others! Later I moved to MarComm and Product Marketing. I love being back in MV and in my free time enjoy spending time with my family skiing, hiking and enjoying Colorado.


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    February 21, 2018 at 9:51 am

    Brilliant news, and a hearty Congratulations to you all.
    Well deserved.

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