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It’s always inspiring to get out and see Rocket customers and partners, and my recent trip to Australia to take part in the Meier Business Systems (MBS) roadshow was no exception. MultiValue (MV) partners and end users turned out in mid April for all-day events in Sydney and Melbourne. Key themes from the event included:

  • As MV partners and end users, you are not alone – MV powers some of the world’s most critical applications, including travel management, ERP, retail, financial services, government systems, insurance, forensic management, freighting, manufacturing, and higher education. Debt collection was one of the more popular applications among the attendees in Australia, although my favorite application continues to be vineyard and winery management! This quick “roll call” of applications reinforces MV as an acronym for “multi and varied.”
  • Modernization is critical to staying relevant — Brian Leach, an independent MultiValue consultant and trainer, presented modernization as a means of taking your existing “great application” and using it in another way. His Travis Perkins case study largely focused on process changes. In contrast, Rocket’s Kirk Kaynor, talked about preserving your investment in business logic by engineering your architecture to make front-end changes without having to touch any back-end code.
  • MV endures because it “just works” – attendees continued to praise MV’s high reliability as the means for keeping staff lean and mean while supporting multi-million dollar enterprises.
  • Everyone wants to understand Rocket’s plans to continue to invest and market MV. With apologies to those in attendance who already heard my presentation, here’s a quick summary of some marketing highlights I walked through during the road show:
    • Analyst relations – check out the recent IDC Technology Spotlight on MV and look for an updated version coming this summer. We continue to brief Forrester and Gartner analysts and are happy to make these analysts available on an as needed basis for queries and references.
    • Videos – based on your feedback, we’re increasingly turning to video to introduce new capabilities as well as communicate new product launches, as you saw in the recent post Watch Our New Video: What’s New in Rocket D3.
    • MV Challenge – later this year, we’re kicking off a global software development competition using the Rocket MultiValue application platform. The contest is designed to create MV awareness among university students studying computer science with a $15K grand prize and cash prizes for regional winners. Stay tuned for more information on dates and eligibility.
    • MV “GenNext” – we’ve recently pulled together an enthusiastic group of young developers who are well versed in MV specifically to collaborate and advise on innovative ideas for the MV platform. To date, the group has coined the phrase “There’s Nothing you can’t do with MultiValue.” You’ll be hearing more from this team later this year.
    • Benchmarking – many of you have requested better performance benchmarking, and we’re delighted to announce that with the release of UniVerse 12.1 Q4 2018, we’ll not only be releasing comparisons with previous releases, we’re also doing some comparisons with relational databases that you can use internally or with other stakeholders.
    • Samples – last but not least, many of you have asked for better use cases and samples of how to use new MV capabilities as we roll them out. To deliver better enablement and help with your time-to-value in deploying new features, we’ve contracted with Brian Leach (see above) to create some of these test cases using his own knowledge and experience with the MV environment. The first usage case will be focused on Python and will be released later this year.

To learn more about MV marketing, feel free to leave a comment and I or Julianna Cammarano, the Director of MV Marketing and Business Intelligence, will get back to you.

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Christine Washburn brings 20+ years of marketing experience to Rocket Software, where she is responsible for driving marketing innovation and execution across a number of disciplines, including demand creation, new market penetration, sales enablement and pipeline acceleration. Most recently, Christine served as Vice President of Marketing for Enservio, a SaaS organization helping insurance carriers leverage Big Data. Prior to Enservio, Christine worked at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Corporation, helping grow the customer community to two million passionate users, while establishing the programs that helped drive profitable growth strategies. Christine began her career in politics as press secretary to the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance. Christine holds a Master of Public Policy Degree from Georgetown University and a B.S. in Telecommunications and Political Science from Indiana University.


  • Brian Egan Reply

    May 28, 2018 at 11:33 pm

    Thanks Christine. Great update and really pleased to see the increasing focus on MultiValue. I know our customers (Resellers and End-Users) will be excited to see the activity levels increasing. Keep up the good work.

  • Hao Luo Reply

    September 11, 2018 at 3:06 am

    Hi Christine,

    I saw most of the products Brian Leach provided are not available for D3.
    Is there any plan to add the support for D3?

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