Introduction to SystemBuilder – Self Paced Online Class Available Now


“You can build a fully-functioning software application in less than an hour using SystemBuilder.”

The first time I heard this statement, I didn’t believe it and laughed out loud. I’m an Information Developer, not a Software Developer.

However, after completing the activities and exercises in the new Introduction to SystemBuilder online class, I learned that SystemBuilder automates much of the software development process for you, making it possible for anyone (even those of us with no software development experience) to quickly build our own software applications.

This self-paced, hands-on class is now available through RBC. It’s free to those under maintenance, and takes about four days to complete.

Participants must have access to SBClient or SB/XA. Those who do not have the application can download a trial version of SB/XA and either UniData or UniVerse.

During this class, participants use SystemBuilder to:

  • Create database files and field definitions
  • Build input and output screens
  • Create and update global files and fields
  • Use COMMON variables, expressions, and processes to perform a wide variety of
    tasks within the application.

And when they’re done, participants will have a fully-functioning software application that they built themselves from scratch.

Now, it took some time for me to become proficient in defining fields, designing screens, and building processes with the correct syntax. But after completing the activities and exercises in this online course, I honestly believe that I could build a fully-functioning software application
in less than an hour if I needed to.

I also learned that I owe the person I laughed at an apology, which I’m happy to provide.

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CPLP, Information Developer at Rocket Software Inc. I have been with Rocket since 2017, primarily supporting the SystemBuilder applications. Prior to coming to Rocket, I was a technical writer at companies like JD Edwards, Xcel Energy, and Standard & Poor’s Compustat, and was an instructional designer at Charles Schwab. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, hiking, snow skiing, waterskiing, and spending time with friends, family, and my “zoo,” which currently consists of one dog and two cats.


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