Rocket Technical Support Team Gathers for Training and Education

The teachers’ comments on my school report cards were not always encouraging – they included phrases such as “the improvement in Simon’s handwriting has revealed his inability to spell” and the parent-alarming “I am sorry to tell you that Simon is trying his best”. Despite that, I have always regarded education highly and am with Henry Ford who apparently thought that if you stopped learning (at any age) you are old, but if you continue to learn you stay young.

Staying young sounds good to me after nearly 30 years in MultiValue. After a tour of duty in marketing for a couple of years, I returned this March to my first love which is Technical Support. One nice innovation that I found was to see the investment Rocket Software puts into the training of its technical support teams by having support training weeks pulling in support engineers from around the globe for training and team building (and we have well over one hundred support engineers). By the end of the year almost all the Rocket technical support teams will have gathered for up to a week of intensive education on their products and to discuss how to improve support processes and communication. I have attended such events in Atlanta Georgia, Emeryville California and Mannheim, Germany. Next week Rocket support teams focused on UniVerse and UniData are gathering the clan in Denver.

Support engineers will be coming to the Rocky Mountain state from various locations in the US, UK, Australia, Russia and China. There is a packed agenda that covers various topics, but there are two subjects we’ll cover in great depth. The first is the implementation of the high availability Recoverable File System (RFS) option in the upcoming UniVerse 12.1 release. If you are a UniVerse shop and need high availability this feature will be important to you and I recommend that you read Vinnie Smith’s blog post of August 23rd which lays it out clearly. The other focus for in-depth training is the MV Connection Manager (CM).

Connection Manager is an innovative product that will take connecting to your MV server into the next generation. Think of it as an API Gateway to access your business logic on the application server by exposing it as a RESTful service for your applications and other clients. Based on an API-first development approach, it has a flexible deployment architecture suitable for both cloud and on-premise implementations. Using the Connection Manager to handle service connections, security, auditing, scaling and balancing, you have the most sophisticated tool to manage access to your application. Connection Manager is undergoing beta trials but you should expect to see a lot more on this exciting product in the coming months. Next week the support engineers will be learning it from the ground up.

So that is the meeting for Rocket UniData and UniVerse support – what about Rocket D3? Well, there will be some “staying young” opportunities for the D3 support engineers in the New Year centered on the forthcoming D3 10.3 release. And you, dear readers, how do you plan to stay young with education and training and how can Rocket help?

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Simon is originally from the UK but has lived in the US for over 20 years. Originally a mainframe developer he moved into MV technology in the late 1980’s. Currently, Simon is the Director of Technical Support for all Rocket branded products worldwide.


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