MV GenNext – Young MV Developers help guide the future of MultiValue

We had a landmark MV GenNext live meetup last week at the Rocket R&D facility in Denver.  The GenNext team includes young MultiValue developers from across the globe who assembled to discuss and collaborate on innovative MultiValue techniques and to talk with product management and engineers about what they wanted to see in the product roadmap.

We had promised the GenNext team that the meetup would not be “death by PowerPoint,” but an interactive, engaging and dynamic event where they would influence the agenda and jointly “own” the structure and topics of the day. This ensured the days were productive and expectations were fully met with topics ranging from Education and Connection Manager to creating pre-configured MV Docker images in Azure.

A significant amount of time was dedicated to roadmap discussion. Each team member voted on categories they wanted to influence. Once the list was narrowed down the team dove in deeper to define the specifics of the requirements they believed were important in each category. After lively discussion and debate, the final categories selected were Cloud, Performance,  DevOps (defined as a way to automate and monitor all steps of software development), and Development which includes features within the development platform, such as creating an ORM based on standards.

In an attempt to reach nirvana, the teams were given the opportunity to create the platform from scratch. While that goal remains elusive, there were lots of great ideas, many of which we’re closely evaluating.

We also had a fun team event at Top Golf where GenNext engaged in some healthy competition while developing stronger bonds with like-minded developers and folks from the MV product team.

With our GenNext team, we defined a full charter of accountability for both GenNext and Rocket. We agreed to meet quarterly to report on progress on both sides, share innovation, and discuss new topics. In addition, GenNext will start building MV communities in their respective regions to share best practices and to help nurture and grow the younger MV population. Rocket agreed to report back on technology developments influenced by the team members and will continue to leverage GenNext feedback on MV advancements and market insights. This win/win partnership will help Rocket push the boundaries of innovation with its market-leading development platform and cultivate younger developers. We’re very excited about the bright future for MV, made possible by Rocket’s commitment to the platform, now influenced by our GenNext team.

Be sure to visit our website if you’re interested in learning more about the MV GenNext program or to nominate a fellow developer.

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Julianna Cammarano is Director of Product Marketing in the Rocket MultiValue group


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