Learn about SB/XA 6.5.4 and wIntegrate 6.4.3

If you use Rocket SB/XA and/or Rocket wIntegrate, and you’re not on the latest release, this post will get you up to date on what you’re missing out on and why you should upgrade.

Rocket SB/XA 6.5.4

In October 2018, Rocket MultiValue R&D released SB/XA 6.5.4. This release boasts over 150 bugs fixes and over 25 enhancements, requested by 30-plus customers. For more details, please review the release notes. Some brief SB/XA 6.5.4 highlights include:

  1. Helps customers stay current with security by providing:
    1. secure FTP
    2. the latest SSL libraries – version 1.02m
    3. Kerboros support and
    4. A simplified config tool for SSL
  2. One change a number of long-time SB administrators will appreciate is the change to how FIX.SBPLUS.POINTERS works; in 6.5.4 it can run from any SB account not just admin accounts. This should save a number of headaches and reduce the number of calls you need to make into support.

This release is also noteworthy because as we’ve been growing our R&D around the world, one of our newer Rocket MV R&D teams has been focused on SB/XA and wIntegrate. SB/XA 6.5.4 is this team’s first release. Additionally, this new team worked with MV technical support on a guided upgrade tool which analyzes a customer’s current system and determines the impacts of upgrading. I know these Rocketeers will read this post, so I’d like to say, “Well done! You have proved that a new team can take over an existing product and successfully deliver customer-requested enhancements and bug fixes.”

wIntegrate 6.4.3

wIntegrate, a stable and robust MultiValue staple Terminal Emulator (TE) for years, also offers a new version in 2018 with lots of enhancements. Again, this new team took on full ownership of wIntegrate R&D at the beginning of 2018 and delivered 6.4.3 in November 2018. For more details, please review the release notes. Here are a few highlights the new version offers users:

  1. AccuTerm users can seamlessly move to wIntegrate by taking advantage of some new features/functions that provide AccuTerm equivalent functionality in wIntegrate. No need to recode; we do the heavy lifting and conversion for you automatically.
  2. A new FTP protocol resulting in a 15x performance increase for file transfers.
  3. Improved security with digitally-signed executables, so you can create Microsoft AppLocker rules with published conditions to improve security
  4. Additional support for SSL with the wIntegrate Schedule
  5. As part of this release we used a new AppScan tool to identify and fix any potential security vulnerabilities

Visit RBC to see the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) or to upgrade. Please remember that to upgrade you must be on maintenance. If you’re not on maintenance, please contact your Rocket sales person.

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