Rocket.Build Denver/Irvine

Innovation, a competitive spirit, and energy were abuzz in the Rocket Denver office as MultiValue teams prepared for the Rocket.Build local Denver/Irvine event which focused mainly on MultiValue projects. Rocket.Build is a 2-day intense brainstorming and development time where teams come together to work on projects they think would be beneficial to our customers. At the end of the second day, presentations and demos are delivered and the voting begins. Winners are determined by an internal Denver and Irvine office employee vote.   Additionally, Rocket’s CPO selects the projects that will progress to the annual Rocket.Build Global in June. Rocket.Build Global is a 5-day marathon that gives local build winners the opportunity to continue development of their initial projects.

Project submitted include:

  • Enhancing the Rocket MV Database Administrator Experience
  • United: Together UniVerse and UniData stand with one database engine
  • AES256 encryption for D3 files
  • Query for D3
  • D3 Web Installer
  • Analyze the U2 Client log data to improve the connection pooling performance
  • MV Basic for Visual Studio Code
  • Pam authentication plugin for Zowe
  • Decompose & Deploy MV Stack Artifacts for Newton (Newton is an ongoing project that provides new experiences built on Zowe.)

While all teams delivered impressive work, I had my top picks. In 3rd place was client log analysis, where log data was visualized via Splunk for assessment.  This type of tool would help Rocket support teams decrease the response time to give customers feedback on Connection pooling performance issues. Response time could be reduced from 3 days to 1 hour!

2nd place goes to “MV BASIC for Visual Studio.” It was great to see BASIC code being edited and debugged in Visual Studio. I can already hear MV developers world-wide applauding.

And the winner in my eyes, “Decompose & Deploy MV Stack Artifacts”. The work done in this project will be the foundation for an MV Community Edition which includes a fully authenticated MV Stack, replacing the current “personal edition” versions.  The Community Edition could be available via our MV accredited Cloud Partners and/or through the AWS Marketplace, helping make the MV platform ubiquitous across the market and at the same time giving existing MV developers their own unique environment to create and destroy instances, helping to expedite and test their development streams.

The official winners of the local in-office voting are:


1st                 MV Basic for Visual Studio Code

2nd          United: Together UniVerse and UniData stand with one database engine

3rd          Decompose & Deploy MV Application Artifacts for Newton



1st           D3 Web Installer

2nd          Dr Query for D3

3rd           AES256 encryption for D3 files

Advancing to the Global Rocket.Build in Boston are:

  • Dr Query for D3
  • United: Together UniVerse and UniData stand with one database engine
  • Decompose & Deploy MV Application Artifacts

In addition, these projects were invited to apply for acceptance to the Global Rocket.Build event:

  • MV Basic for Visual Studio Code
  • Enhancing the Rocket MV DataBase Administrator Experience
  • pam authentication plugin for Zowe

It’s an exciting time to be at Rocket. Lots of great teamwork and innovation. What topics piqued your interest, leaving you wanting to know more?

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Julianna Cammarano is Director of Product Marketing in the Rocket MultiValue group


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