3 Tips to Help with Your Transition to D3 10.3 Windows

In July, Rocket Software released D3 10.3 Windows with performance improvement, security upgrades, and new features that will enhance your D3 experience.

There are significant changes to the installation process and new documentation choices to support the upgrade. This blog is designed to ensure that current D3 customers have the information necessary to give them a smooth start to this new release.

Initiating Installation
Before you can take advantage of all of the D3 10.3 Windows upgrades and features, please note that there are significant changes to the installation process.

Due to combining the Server and the Client into one install, separating the documentation installer from the product installer, and adding the new mvWorkstation component, you must uninstall your current version of D3 and complete the steps for a new installation.

For more information and details about the full installation process, click here to review the D3 Windows Installation Guide.

Delivering Documentation
Rocket provides options to accessing the documentation you need to work with D3. Online, D3 documentation is available via the Rocket Community page where you can obtain documentation of D3-related products.

In this release, we are introducing the D3 Documentation Installer for local installation of D3 documents. With this new installer, you have the choice of installing locally any or all of the available D3 documents. For most documents, this includes the installation of a PDF and the document’s related HTML files.

Notably, installation guides for the D3 product are not included in the D3 Documentation Installer. This is intentional since the D3 installation guides include information on how to install the D3 Documentation Installer.

Want to know how to install your D3 documents locally? Click here

Working with mvWorkstation
In the blog by Ross Reichardt, the new features of D3 10.3.1 Windows are introduced, including the mvWorkstation. Information about installing the mvWorkstation is outlined in the D3 Windows Installation Guide.

But how do you set up and use the mvWorkstation?

For that information, check out the D3 Windows System Administration Guide. It provides descriptions, setup instructions, and helpful hints to get you started.

Reviewing the information regarding installation requirements, documentation access, and mvWorkstation use can make your upgrade to D3 10.3 more efficient.

Still have questions?

Our D3 Customer Support is available to assist you. And, if you have any updates or suggestions for documentation, please let us know.

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