Rocket.Build Isn’t Just for Rocketeers: a partnership story with Pulsiam

Rocket.Build is not just for Rocketeers. In 2019, Rocket invited our partners from APT, Vertafore and Pulsiam to work on projects together during Rocket.Build, Rocket Software’s hackathon event. In this blog post, I’m highlighting a Rocket.Build project entitled “Geospatial support in UniVerse”, in which two Rocket MultiValue engineers and two people from our MultiValue partner, Pulsiam, teamed up and focused on adding Datetime and Geospatial capabilities to Rocket® UniVerse; these capabilities are critical to Pulsiam’s business. Spoiler alert – the team won 3rd place in the Rocket.Build competition. This perfectly exemplifies a core value of Rocket Software, Empathy, because this project started with a deep understanding of our partners’ and customers’ needs via conversations and collaboration throughout the Rocket.Build event.

Henry Unger, the president and owner of Pulsiam (lower right); Tony Abo, Director of Technology from Pulsiam (lower left); Pinhong Ma, Senior Software Engineer (upper right); Rusheng Xia, Senior Software Engineer (upper left)

This Rocket.Build team consisted of four members, Henry Unger (the president and owner of Pulsiam), Tony Abo (Director of Technology from Pulsiam), and two Rocketeers from our Dalian office, Pinhong Ma and Rusheng Xia. Pulsiam, a long-time Rocket MultiValue partner and software company, is headquartered in Los Angeles that offers public safety solutions. Behind the scenes, all their SafetyNet applications are powered by Rocket UniVerse. For their SafetyNet applications to be effective, Pulsiam needed UniVerse to have a DateTime field to store combined date and time data. They also needed time values to be expressed in milliseconds. For a complete solution, DateTime will be integrated with geospatial data. This is now available in UniVerse 11.3.2. Find out more!



Over the four-day period of Rocket.Build, the Rocketeers worked with Henry and Tony to implement a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) version of all the required features. In addition to winning 3rd place, we also took the project to the next level by adding the features into the UniVerse roadmap. Through this collaboration with our partner, Pulsiam, during Rocket.Build, the Rocket engineers benefited by forming a bond between their daily jobs and the solutions our partners provide to their customers. It also gave our partner the opportunity to work directly with Rocket engineers, impacting the product roadmap and ultimately getting features necessary to the continued success of their solution.


In a continued effort to put our customers and partners first, we look forward to seeing more Rocket MultiValue customers and partners join Rocket.Build to work with our engineers to build stuff that matters to their business.

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Based in Dalian, Guocheng Sui is a Senior Engineer Manager of MultiValue Application Server in the Database & Connectivity Business Unit. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and child, playing basketball, and jogging.


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