Rocket® UniVerse named DBTA 2020 Trendsetting Product

For the second year in a row, Rocket UniVerse has been named a DBTA Trend Setting Product.

According to DBTA, “MultiValue technologies are evolving with new features as they continue to maintain strong positions at the enterprise level.”

We’re proud to receive this recognition and couldn’t agree more. UniVerse has always been efficient and inexpensive to operate, but UniVerse 12 is even better for handling heavy workloads and reducing the risk of file corruption. UniVerse 12, released in June 2019, boasts a new performance-enhancing architecture and other features to improve performance. Plus, it offers improved data integrity, reliability, and accessibility.

Visit our website to learn more about:

  • UniVerse 12’s new Recoverable File System (RFS) for improved data integrity, reliability, and accessibility
  • The Intelligent Queue Manager, Field Level Updates, and Intelligent Query Optimization for accelerating transaction performance and query processing
  • Flexible security options purpose-built for different deployment options.
    • UniVerse includes its own credential manager which can assist with cloud deployments and allow for single sign-on (SSO) within UniVerse without having to expose back-end server credentials
    • If you’re deploying on-premises, UniVerse can simply use the operating-system credentials for end-user SSO

Or if you want to roll up your sleeves, download a free trial of Rocket UniVerse 12 today.

To learn about what’s next for UniVerse, join us on Wednesday, December 18 for our MultiValue roadmap livestream webinar, where you’ll hear about our plans to further evolve UniVerse.

Don’t get left behind—check out Rocket UniVerse 12.

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Hi, I'm the Product Marketing Manager for Rocket MultiValue. I returned to MultiValue in 2014. You see, I started my career right out of grad school with Unidata in downtown Denver. Back then I worked with our hardware partners including DEC, Data General, Sequent, HP and many others! Later I moved to MarComm and Product Marketing. I love being back in MV and in my free time enjoy spending time with my family skiing, hiking and enjoying Colorado.


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