New MultiValue mobile app for Food Trucks

I was on a great call recently with Jaime Luna Morales of Alcomtec ERIL, a Rocket MultiValue partner in Peru. Why was it great? Mr. Morales presented a demo of his new MultiValue-based app for Food Trucks, Fudtraker.

April 2020 UPDATE: please read the case study here.

Fudtraker, an app for general public use that can be downloaded from Google Play, helps customers:

  • Locate their favorite food trucks
  • Get directions to the food truck via Google Maps
  • View the menu
  • Call the food truck
  • Follow their favorite food trucks on social media including Instagram and Facebook
  • Place orders online (coming soon!)

For food truck owners, Fudtrak is the food truck’s management application with two components, web and mobile:

1. A Web application allows the food truck owner to manage and configure the app using a basic dashboard. The dashboard displays sales data and allows for differentiated menus for multiple food trucks.

2. A Mobile app provides the point of sale functions for use on the food truck including a thermal printer to provide receipts.

Fudtrak provides:

  • an easy to use web interface on the back end for building menus with pictures and prices
  • capability to push special offers via notifications to customers
  • capacity to set up delivery via services such as Uber Eats
  • inventory management at a recipe level

Mr. Morales built the app using the Rocket UniData® application platform, U2 RESTful services, Angular and Flutter. The app also uses Connection Pools. As a best-in-class MultiValue application platform for scalable business apps, UniData empowers apps to evolve as needs change. The Fudtrak app, hosted in Amazon Lightsail, starts with the minimum configuration available and will scale from there as the app evolves and grows. Fudtrak is available on request and Fudtraker is available for Android phones in the Google Play Store.

Finally, this super cool new MultiValue app is configured for locality. So, since the app is being used now by food trucks in Peru, it’s in Spanish. But food truck owners around the globe can take advantage of this app to grow their business. Mr. Morales selected a MultiValue database as the data store for this brand new, state-of-the-art mobile application, that leverages the capabilities of new technologies such as Flutter, Google Maps etc. and the high-performance capabilities of UniData. For more information on this new app for food trucks, contact Jaime Luna Morales at

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  • Larry Schoenleber Reply

    January 30, 2020 at 9:11 am

    This is a great modernization example and use case!! Great work!!

  • Ray Methvin Reply

    January 30, 2020 at 10:52 am

    Congratulations Jaime on the launch of an exciting new Multivalue solution!

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