Rocket® UniVerse 11.3.2 – Now Available

The Rocket MultiValue team is excited to announce general availability of UniVerse 11.3.2.

UniVerse 11.3.2 includes important updates, new features and some customer-requested fixes and is available on all platforms, including Solaris and HP/UX.

Here’s a quick look at what UniVerse 11.3.2 offers:

  • Replication Sequential I/O Support so updates done via sequential I/O capabilities of BASIC are replicated to the subscriber – look for a blog post in a couple of weeks!
  • U2 Python (v3.7) Support for AIX and Solaris: yes, the latest Python libraries on both AIX and Solaris!
  • U2 Python Library upgrade to v3.7 for Linux, Windows, again the latest Python libraries!
  • EDA Support for MySQL and PostgreSQL On Windows and Linux gives you more databases to choose from when storing your MV data externally.
  • Index-Based Trigger Improvement – The new ALL.NULLS keyword allows you to skip the BUILD.INDEX phase.
  • Full UTC support & Date/Time Support – including new conversion codes, a new @-variable to specify the time zone and new BASIC functions to support this functionality. Learn where the inspiration for this new feature came from in this post.
  • GeoSpatial Support on all UNIX/Linux platforms – this is a new function added to BASIC that calculates the distance between two points based on the longitude and lattitude coordinates of each point. Another customer-inspired feature that you can learn more about in this blog post.
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1 support, because we know you want to keep up with security protocols. This was covered in the first blog post of 2020
  • Self-Signed Certification – The U2SelfCert.crt and U2SelfCert.scr files are distributed as part of 11.3.2 allowing you to create your own certificates without purchasing them externally and also provides basic protection.
  • RHEL 8 Certification & Support (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
  • TCL level HELP – The online help text available with the TCL HELP command has been updated at this release to match the 11.3.2 documentation set

April 2020 UPDATE: please watch recording -Rocket Virtual MVU | UniVerse 11.3.2 Deep Dive here. And view the related Powerpoint deck.

Interested? UniVerse 11.3.2 is available now on Rocket Business Connect (RBC).

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