5 Reasons You Should Be Using Rocket D3 10.3

Special thanks to Brian Cram for his assistance with this blog post

Now that Rocket D3 10.3 is available on Windows, Linux, and AIX platforms, all D3 customers have the opportunity to experience the new features and updates included in the latest version of D3.

Customers around the globe that are using version 10.3 have provided their view of the top features. If you haven’t installed D3 10.3 yet, here’s what you’ve been missing:

Enhanced Security and Performance
Installing D3 10.3 ensures that you have the most current features to secure your data and provide improved performance. This includes compatibility with devices, applications, and third-party products that work with D3.

Expanded list-locks Command Functionality
Expanded functionality includes modified output and enhanced BASIC to support up to 992 BASIC locks, increased from the previous limit of 64 locks. The list-locks command also has the following added options:

  • Filter by PIB
  • Filter by file
  • Display the date and time the lock was set

Incorporated set-tapefile Command and Enhanced dev-make Command

The set-tapefile command creates a dynamically defined pseudo tape; a transient assignment that disappears on system shutdown and restart.

The enhanced dev-make command allows assignment of a specific tape device number.

Integrated mvWorkstation
The mvWorkstation provides and manages terminal devices, serial printers, Windows printers, and Telnet Clients.Great for attaching local printers and terminals to remote or cloud-based servers.

Included Python Support
D3 Windows 10.3 includes support for calling Python routines from FlashBASIC and from Terminal Control Language (TCL).Documentation is available that includes more information about using Python with D3. Check it out!

These are only a few of the new features available.

For mvBase customers: D3 10.3 was designed with you in mind, as well. Version 10.3 includes the features you use in mvBase with the bonus of access to all D3 functionality. In addition to full customer support, check out the mvBase Upgrade and Compatibility Guide, which includes more detailed information.

Want more information? Rocket is hosting a joint D3 webinar with NexusTek on March 11. Learn more and sign up here.

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Also, if you missed it, read this blog post on Python for D3.

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  • Kieran Murphy Reply

    March 3, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    Although I am firmly connected with Linux versions, my long history with D3 and its predecessors broadens my interest in related versions. It also gives insight into what may appear in the next version that I am likely to use.

    Great to see the product moving forward with confidence.

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