As Seen On… Rocket MVU, a virtual educational series

Like me, I’m sure many of you are working from home. And maybe unlike me, you have a little extra capacity for learning (if you’ve been very busy like I have, I hope you’ll make some room on your calendar to join us).

The Rocket MV team (R&D, support, product management…) has been and continues to work hard on the products your business depends on. And, we’re making some time to develop a ton of educational content and delivering it to you via MultiValue University (MVU) virtual events.

We’ve already done a deep dive into UniVerse 11.3.2 and gone over the Full Monty for MVIS.

The series continues with four more events scheduled in the first two weeks of May:

  • Rocket D3® 10.3.1 Deep Dive
  • How to use MVIS to easily extend your MV app
  • How to easily migrate your U2 REST application to Rocket MVIS
  • How to easily upgrade your U2 Web DE app to run on MVIS

Visit our registration page to save your seat.

But wait, there’s more! For only $19.99 plus s&h, just kidding, there’s no cost. We are planning on more. In no particular order:

  • Deep Dive into the new UniVerse Recoverable File System (RFS)
  • Best Practices for upgrading to UniVerse 12.1
  • I know what you did last summer… and other things MV Audit Logging can help you with
  • Develop your MV Application using Visual Studio (early preview of Rocket MV BASIC for VS)
  • Rocket’s DevOps Efforts – MV dataservers Continuous Integration (CI) and Automation Demo
  • How to Secure your D3 data
  • How to secure your MV Application using SSL in UniData/UniVerse
  • Advanced MV Audit Logging
  • Automatic Data Encryption (ADE) Simplified
  • Automatic Data Encryption (ADE) Advanced Use Cases
  • Outpacing the modern world with MV Performance
  • Early Preview – MultiValue Performance Experience
  • Early Preview – MultiValue DevOps Experience
  • How to maximize your productivity with D3 Python
  • Introducing Rocket UOPY – a new Python Client for UniData/UniVerse dataservers
  • Making U2 Replication Work for You and Your Business
  • Best Practices for External Database Access (EDA) and Reporting
  • MVIS makes your MV app more flexible with Containerization (Docker Overview)
  • MVIS Container Orchestration Services with Kubernetes
  • Cloudy with a chance of MVIS (AWS)
  • Cloudy with a chance of MVIS (Azure)
  • Deep insights into your MV application API activity – MVIS Monitoring & Logging
  • What’s New in UniData 8.2.2

As you can see, this series will go well into the summer and beyond. And, while I don’t have dates yet, I will continue to schedule and invite you. If you don’t get the emails, check our events page for scheduled MVU virtual events.


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