How to use mvWorkstation: part of Rocket D3 10.3.1

Whether you use Rocket® mvBase® or D3®, I invite you to watch an 18-minute video I’ve made demonstrating how to set up and use the mvWorkstation, part of D3 10.3.1.

In the video I discuss how the mvWorkstation, a D3 client, is great for accessing local files and resources including printers and telnet servers. In fact, if you’re working from home or working in a remote, satellite office, the mvWorkstation can be very useful.

Watch now:

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I'm an account manager for Meier Business Systems (MBS) and have been working in MultiValue since late 1999. Most of that time has been with the D3 platform but I now enjoy working with U2 as well as D3. I have a strong interest in modernisation, web technology, web services and now Python. Away from work I love talking about cars - mainly old British sports cars. So drop me a line and let's chat about MultiValue, modernisation technologies and Austin Healeys!


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