August events: MultiValue roadmap plus two new U2 security MVU virtual events

We’re hosting multiple events in August and you’re invited! We’ve got so much great U2 security information to share with you that we’ve created a two-part series. Also, it’s time for the Q3 MV roadmap.

On August 11 and 12 (August 13 in APAC), Michael Belme, Rocket Software Technical Support Engineer III, will host part one of Securing and Protecting your UniData® and UniVerse Data in Transit. He’ll be covering:

  • Why OpenSSL is essential to your business
  • What’s new in OpenSSL 1.1.1
  • A demo of how to secure UniData/UniVerse communication using SSL
  • A demo of how to use the new U2 Certificate Management Tool

For part two, please join us on August 17 (August 18 in APAC), where Michael will cover:

  • How to utilize CA certificates with the U2 Root Certificate Store
  • Managing U2 servers with token-based authentication
  • An early preview of how to set up a secure UniRPCD
  • How to set up a secure REST server with UOJ

If you’re concerned about or responsible for the security of your U2 data in transit, then these MultiValue University (MVU) virtual sessions are for you. Visit the U2 Security registration page for more details including times and how to save your seat.

Also, on August 19 (August 20 for APAC) we’re hosting our Q3 MV roadmap live stream event. If you’re not signed up yet, you can save your roadmap seat here.

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Hi, I'm the Product Marketing Manager for Rocket MultiValue. I returned to MultiValue in 2014. You see, I started my career right out of grad school with Unidata in downtown Denver. Back then I worked with our hardware partners including DEC, Data General, Sequent, HP and many others! Later I moved to MarComm and Product Marketing. I love being back in MV and in my free time enjoy spending time with my family skiing, hiking and enjoying Colorado.


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