New app for food trucks turns on a dime to meet customer requirements

Jamie Luna, President of Alcomtec (a Rocket partner) quickly and easily modified his food-truck app, Fudtrack, to respond to customer requests and market demands in the heat of a changing tech (and kitchen!) landscape. Thanks to the flexibility of Rocket UniData, the MultiValue application platform powering the app, Jaime was able to modify Fudtrack to allow his customers’ food truck businesses to brand their instances with their unique logo and menu.

Fudtrack’s small-business food truck customers now enjoy:

  • Notifications alerting them that a new delivery order has been placed, including capturing the customer’s location
  • Flexibility for their customers to place a delivery order, check its status, and opt to receive notifications with all their delivery details

The new business branded app also allows food trucks to push notifications to their enrolled customers about special promotions, and new menu items.

This is a prime example of how UniData and RESTful web services are helping Alcomtec and its food truck customers join the API economy. According to Jaime, “This is what amazes me about UniData, it can keep up with your imagination.”

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