UniObjects for Python (UOPY) now available

We’re pleased to announce the availability of UniObjects for Python (UOPY). UOPY is a client-side Python API that you can use to access a UniData or UniVerse database over the network.


By supporting Python, a modern programming language, the Rocket MultiValue (MV) team set out to help our customers and partners:

  • attract, hire and retain new development talent
  • quickly add features to existing MV apps
  • enable fast application development

MV Python integration provides a new, modern, object-oriented programming language to compliment BASIC for developing MV server-side applications. On the client side, we’ve historically provided the UniObjects family of APIs in popular modern languages including Java and .NET.

To offer a full stack Python solution, we’re introducing UniObjects for Python (UOPY) on the client side, providing:

  • The benefit of being able to develop full stack in a single language
  • The finer granularity of a UniObjects-based client API that compliments higher level services provided by MVIS
  • The low cost of development, maintenance, and support of such an API


  • Provides remote access to MV servers in Python
  • Offers full stack development in Python: from web server (UOPY) to database backend (U2py)
  • Ability to leverage the Python ecosystem with many 3rd party libraries
  • Enables rapid application development
  • Delivers an open and extensible UniObjects client
  • Attracts new development talent

Architecture diagram

*UniObjects is available on D3 10.3.2 only. UOPY has not been certified for D3 10.3.2


Where can I get UOPY?

Please visit https://pypi.org/project/uopy/ to download UOPY today.

More info on UOPY

If you want more info on UOPY, the Rocket MV team has recorded some videos:

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Christine (Chris) brings over 21 years of MultiValue experience to the role. Chris obtained her BS degree in Textiles and Clothing but quickly found that this was not her forte. She returned to school while working full-time in MultiValue and earned a master’s in computer information systems. Chris spent time within the MV organization mainly in QA and QA management on the U2 data servers and SB/XA. Chris’ passion for the MV products has led to her current role.


  • Rob Reply

    November 27, 2020 at 6:20 am

    Does connection pooling with UniObjects for Python require additional licensing?

    • Kathy Larson Reply

      December 1, 2020 at 3:54 pm

      Hi Rob, It doesn’t require additional licenses necessarily but will consume a license. The UOPY client will consume a database license or a connection pool so it will depend on how many connection pool licenses you have. Hope this helps.

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