Alcomtec Does it Again, Delivers New MultiValue Mobile App

Jaime Luna Morales of Alcomtec ERIL, a Rocket MultiValue partner in Peru, shared some exciting news with me at the end of 2020. He’s been hard at work with his customer, Textil Amazonas, on a new mobile app based on his customer’s existing ERP application.

About Textil Amazonas

Textile Amazonas, a Peruvian company established in 1943, is dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of high-quality textile supplies for both the textile industry and the handcraft market. With a mission of offering high-quality textile supplies and solutions, they are also committed to managing their business in a trustworthy, efficient, safe and sustainable way, by taking a responsible approach towards the environment. Case in point, in 2019 the company reduced their plastic waste by 2.6 tons! They accomplished this major feat by working with their industrial clients to reuse 9% of their sewing thread cones with a goal of reaching 15% reuse. And in their handcrafted line of supplies, they are now offering plastic-free materials.

UniData-based mission critical ERP app has powered Textil Amazonas for decades

The organization’s in-house ERP application is built on UniData and SystemBuilder and includes functionality for:

  • Warehouse Control
  • Billing
  • Production
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Costs

Cesar Vigo, IT manager at Textil Amazonas states, “Textil Amazonas S.A. is an industrial company with more than 50 years in the textile industry, which tries to go hand in hand with advances in Technology.”

While the organization’s ERP app was a workhorse, it needed some modern updates. After depending on UniData for over 20 years, Mr. Vigo felt it was time to start using other tools that the database did not provide.

A new MV-based mobile app

Textil Amazonas looked to their long-time partner, Alcomtec for help. Alcomtec responded by developing a mobile app, using U2Rest to write web services, that included new features such as allowing the financial officer to approve customers’ credit modifications. In addition, Alcomtec:

  • Developed a web application for machinery maintenance staff to check availability, using pictures, of the pieces to be replaced.
  • Added new features, using Python, including automating the authorization chain by sending emails to the next person responsible in an authorization chain and generating a QR code for management of warehouses. Both new features help automate and improve processes.

“Today thanks to Alcomtec, we have regained confidence in Rocket and UniData by developing new applications and taking advantage of new tools provided by Rocket,” commented Mr. Vigo.

The app includes the ability to check raw material inventory and price, approve orders and check a customer’s credit.

Alcomtec continues to enhance and develop MV-based mobile applications, using Web Services, to add functions that ultimately benefit Textile Amazonas and its users.

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