U2 Web DE version 5.3.1 | now available

Last week the Rocket MultiValue R&D team released version 5.3.1 of Rocket U2 Web DE. This latest release is what we call a maintenance release since it’s a hotfix rollup release with some new features.

  • 29 bug fixes and enhancements including:
    • Installation enhancements and fixes
    • Beginning with v5.3.1, all Java components are built using OpenJDK 1.8. All future versions of Web DE will be built with OpenJDK.

For our customers moving to adopt newer, open source versions of .NET, we’ve added support for .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Standard 2.0 to U2 Web DE 5.3.1.

  • .NET Core, the latest .NET implementation, is open source and available for multiple operating systems, allowing you to build cross-platform console apps and ASP.NET Core Web applications and cloud services.
  • .NET Standard, the set of fundamental APIs that all .NET implementations must implement, allows you to build libraries that you can share across all your .NET apps, regardless of which .NET implementation or OS they run on.

For the full details of the contents of this maintenance release please read the release notes. The release is available to order and download from RBC at https://rbc.rocketsoftware.com or https://rbcint.rocketsoftware.com.

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