UniVerse 11.3.3 now available

Last week the Rocket MultiValue R&D team released version 11.3.3 of UniVerse. This latest release is what we call a maintenance release since it’s a hotfix rollup release with some new features.

The NEW features in UniVerse 11.3.3 include:

  • – Support for Python version 3.9
  • – A new ADE tool that enables you to validate that encryption components are synchronized in order to protect you data.  This new tool consists of commands to check encryption metadata consistency and to help diagnose and repair problems
  • – The ability for UniVerse to better handle out-of-memory situations so that they are clearly identified in runtime error messages or error log files allowing for faster diagnosis of the issue
  • – The extension of the Windows UseShortUserNames registery key to allow the option for applications to exclude the domain name
  • – Additional fields in stat.file that assist in determining which files may require maintenance

For more details, please read the UniVerse 11.3.3 release notes. To download 11.3.3, place your order in RBC.

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