Rocket® MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) v1.2.0 now with compiling capabilities

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Rocket® MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) v1.2.0 now with compiling capabilities!!!

Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code offers features to help your developers modernize, simplify, and work more productively.

We are developing and releasing MV BASIC for VS Code (MVVS) at regular intervals to provide more frequent enhancements and fixes.

The release of MVVS 1.2.0 includes three enhancements most notably Compiling. The Compiling feature is considered an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) feature and will continue to be enhanced and refined over a series of releases.

Version 1.2.0 includes feature enhancements:

  • Compile (MVP* version) – allows you to compile or catalog BASIC program files when the extension is connected to a U2 server
    *Known MVP limitations:
    • After compiling, regardless of whether the compile succeeds or fails, the BASIC files will be synchronized to the U2 server, overwriting the existing ones and new files will also be created
    • Generated objective files will not be synchronized from the server to the local machine
    • Compilation does not work properly when VS Code and the extension run on Linux platforms
  • Configuration File Comments – aids in the formatting and setup of the standard configuration files for newly created projects.
  • Optimize Activation Process – allows you to choose “UniVerse” or “UniData” when opening the project for first time (previously defaulted to “UniVerse”)

In addition to these enhancements MVVS 1.2.0 includes 18 bug fixes.

For more information on planned MVVS release content please join our quarterly roadmap webinars or view the MVVS roadmap on the Rocket Forum.

Where can I get Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code?

Please visit the VS Code Marketplace to download Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code today.

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