Rocket Rapid U2 Documentation Delivery

Rocket MV is introducing a new way of delivering the documentation you need for UniData and UniVerse (U2) maintenance releases. Moving forward, Rocket MV will only deliver the U2 documents that contain new feature information related to the maintenance release. This way, you get the most up-to-date documentation related to the current product version that you are using.

Major version releases of the U2 products will continue to provide the full set of product documentation, regardless of whether the document contains new feature information. Full documentation was last provided for the UniData 8.2.2, and UniVerse 11.3.2 and 12.1.1 major releases.

Release notes will contain general documentation update history, guiding you to the updated information you need related to the new features of the maintenance release.

Our goal is to provide the information you need to get the best performance from your product.

We welcome your comments or suggestions for improving product documentation.

Here is the current information for recent U2 maintenance releases:

UniData v8.2.3 New Features and Document Updates

UniData v8.2.3 Feature Updates Document Updated
Python Version 3.9.2 (updated) UniData Python User Guide
  • UDT.OPTIONS 116 U_WINDOWS_SPOOL64 (updated)
UDT.OPTIONS Commands Reference

UniVerse v11.3.3 New Features and Document Updates

UniVerse v11.3.3 Feature Updates Document Updated
  • ALLOWNULLS parameter (added)
  • AUDIT_SEQ_LOG_GROUP parameter (added)
  • PI_BASIC parameter (added)
  • PI_TRANSMARKS parameter (added)
  • PI_SOUNDEX parameter (updated)
UniVerse Administering UniVerse on Windows and UNIX Platforms


  • $DEFINE statement (updated)
  • $IFDEF statement (updated)
  • $IFNDEF statement (updated)
  • INDICES function (updated)
  • TRANS function (updated)
  • XLATE function (updated)
UniVerse BASIC Commands Reference


U2 WebSphere MQ API (updated) UniVerse BASIC Extensions
  • ·Conditional compilation:
    • $IFDEF compiler directive (updated)
    • $IFNDEF compiler directive (updated)
  • Transaction cache memory and disk usage (added)
UniVerse BASIC User Guide


Clarify Replication behavior when using OPENSEQ with a path name (updated) U2 Data Replication User Guide
  • Python Version 3.9.2 (updated)
  • Platform information (updated)
UniVerse Python User Guide
  • Automatic Data Encryption (ADE),
    encman utility: validating encryption components (added)
  • Audit logging (updated)
UniVerse Security Features


  • ACCOUNT.FILE.STATS command (updated)
  • BASIC command (updated)
  • Catalog command (updated)
  • CREATE.INDEX command (updated)
  • TCL TOJSON option (added)
UniVerse User Reference


UniVerse v11.3.4 New Features and Document Updates

UniVerse v11.3.4 Feature Updates Documents Updated
OpenSSL/FIPS with RHEL 8 UniVerse Python User Guide
UniVerse Security Features

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