Benefits of MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) over U2 REST

If you are a MultiValue Developer or Administrator and are using U2 REST for exposing your data and business logic as RESTful Endpoints, we have an exciting alternative for you to consider – MVIS. And have I mentioned that it is FREE?

Many of our customers have replaced U2REST with MVIS, and are realizing the benefits of automation, integration, and ease of use. (a.k.a. “how to get your new features and applications to market faster”) In addition, many have found that it dovetails into their broader modernization strategy.

We’ve created a short video outlining many of the benefits of MVIS vs U2 REST.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you to understand your use cases and how MVIS may fit into your current workflow.

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I bring over 20 years of customer and partner enablement in the tech industry as a Sales Engineer and Business Development professional to my role as a Rocket MultiValue Product Evangelist. While I’m initially focusing on Rocket MVIS, I will soon branch out to cover the entire MV portfolio. When I’m not ‘Evangelizing’, I enjoy travel, hiking, biking and I’m an avid photographer (both film and digital).


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