MVS Toolkit version 2.3.2 – Now Available – Learn What’s New

The Rocket® D3 MVS Toolkit (MVSTK) enables developers to easily create and deploy MultiValue web services for the Rocket D3 DBMS, exposing Pick/BASIC subroutines and Access queries (AQL) as web services. It interoperates effortlessly with various databases and host environments through the Rocket D3 DBMS connectivity tools.

Rocket MVS Toolkit supports connection pooling for Rocket D3 DBMS, designed for high-performance web and mobile application development. This improves the response time of any application that requires readily available Rocket D3 DBMS connections, particularly web-based applications. Once a connection is created, it stays available for reuse and does not need to be created again each time a new request is made.

Our latest features provide an upgrade to MVSTK logging to log4j 2.17.2 to address security vulnerabilities as well as an upgrade to OpenJDK 11 to support TLS 1.3.

Version 2.3.2 works with D3 9.0 and higher on Windows, AIX, and Linux as well as on mvBase version 3.0 and higher.

These upgrades are in addition to the Rocket MVS Toolkit’s list of indispensable features:

• Publishes MultiValue as web services
• Acts as a standalone web service provider
• Uses Eclipse IDE for web services creation
• Supports both Pick/BASIC subroutines and AQL commands
• Supports both SOAP and REST web services

Our D3 technical support team is always available to assist you. Please reach out to us for any questions by emailing

Ready to upgrade now? MVSTK is free to our customers/partners with an active maintenance contract. Place an order and upgrade from Rocket Business Connect (RBC) and download from the Rocket Community Portal.


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