Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code v1.6.0 – Debugging Functionality PREVIEW

The Rocket MultiValue team is pleased to announce the availability of the Rocket MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code 1.6.0 extension, now available on the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code (MVVS) allows BASIC developers to edit, compile, and now debug their BASIC applications in one of the most popular development environments, Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

The release of MVVS 1.6.0 includes a preview of the Debugging functionality. By detecting and analyzing errors in your BASIC code, the Debugging feature makes it easy to debug and fix BASIC programs. The 1.6.0 Debugging feature is considered an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and we will continue to enhance and refine it over a series of releases.

MVVS version 1.6.0 includes:
Debugging (MVP* version) – version 1.6.0 allows debugging of BASIC programs when the extension is connected to a UniVerse server
Supported MVP Debugging Operations:
 Break Point
 Continue
 Step-In, Out, Over
 Stop

*Debugging MVP Limitations:
– Only supported on UniVerse 11.3.4 and 12.1.1 (future releases will support UniData)
– External DAP server binaries must be downloaded from RBC and installed (will be automatic in future data server and MVVS releases)
– Step-in may terminate debugging session
– Sometimes unable to step-out at the end of CALL subroutine
– Use of step-in/out with breakpoint only
– Unable to run debugging in multiple workspace folders.

5 bug fixes for compile and debugging issues

For more information on future MVVS releases and to collaborate with fellow MVVS users, please visit the Rocket MVVS: MV BASIC for Visual Studio Code forum.

Where can I get Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code?

Please visit the VS Code Marketplace to download the free Rocket MV BASIC for VS Code extension today.

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Christine (Chris) brings over 21 years of MultiValue experience to the role. Chris obtained her BS degree in Textiles and Clothing but quickly found that this was not her forte. She returned to school while working full-time in MultiValue and earned a master’s in computer information systems. Chris spent time within the MV organization mainly in QA and QA management on the U2 data servers and SB/XA. Chris’ passion for the MV products has led to her current role.


  • Marcos Alonso Vega Reply

    May 6, 2022 at 12:47 am

    Is there any version planned for OpenQM?

    • Kathy Larson Reply

      May 6, 2022 at 1:47 pm

      Hi Marcos – short answer – TBD. Long answer: The Rocket MV goal is to focus on innovation and modernization
      while supporting each of the MV Application Servers recognizing their unique strengths and use cases

      We are currently in the process of assessing the features and functionalizes across all the Rocket MV data servers and data server tools. This assessment involves a very large matrix covering all areas of the data servers and tools from security and performance to pricing and licensing. As we progress, the assessment will help us determine what features and functionalities are priorities, where they need to added, and where further or continued development is required. Feature and functionality priorities are based on innovation and modernization requirements as well as customer feedback.

      We will be augmenting knowledge transfers and security scans as well as R&D and QA resources. We will be supporting all application servers and server tools for the next 5 years and will be leveraging all of our resources across the globe to expand the teams.

      We are working as quickly as possible and as we come to conclusions and make decisions we will build out the roadmaps and keep our customer base updated as to those decisions through the Rocket Forum, webinars, blogs, etc.

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