We’re excited to announce another release of the MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance)

In release 1.2 we’ve added a new monitoring tile that informs users specifically about what’s consuming memory and CPU resources on the host system, and the number of queued processes. Available at a glance, this information helps users immediately see when their systems are facing performance issues.

In addition to the monitoring tiles on the dashboard, we’ve expanded the number of events that capture any CPU or memory issues that our Event Engine has labelled as a performance impacting event. Rocket UniVerse DBAs can be alerted to these events via email and download the pertinent data to analyze and help identify trends. Watch the demo of MVX: Performance, including the new host CPU and memory tile below.

The addition of this new tile compliments the original tiles that monitor Locks, MV User Sessions, and escalation of performance impacting Events. Our goal with the MV Performance Experience is to make our users’ lives easier and help them optimize the performance of their UniVerse servers. We fully understand that database administrators are busy, which is why we are working on surfacing contextually relevant data. As the developers of Rocket UniVerse and the MV Performance Experience, we are uniquely positioned to thoroughly optimize our customers’ UniVerse server’s performance.

Our plan is to release new features at the end of every quarter by adding new tiles and expanding the critical events. This system monitoring tool for Rocket UniVerse is FREE to our customers that have active maintenance on their UniVerse servers.

If you haven’t heard, the MultiValue Performance Experience is a new tool to help you quickly pinpoint and address Rocket UniVerse performance issues as well as provide insight so you can help prevent future bottlenecks and maximize Rocket UniVerse availability. MVX: Performance helps you identify and escalate performance-impacting events specific to Rocket UniVerse. Escalated events also include guidance on possible resolutions along with data snapshots, allowing you to easily track and address the source of an issue.

Get started with MVX: Performance today. Download from RBC so you can take advantage of the new monitoring tile. Check out the MVX: Performance product page to learn more, as well as these FAQ’s.

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As the Senior Product Manager for the MV Tools and modernization effort, Zain brings 10 years of product management experience from a diverse set of industries ranging from telecommunication, oil & gas and video surveillance to medical insurance and most recently ensuring that you receive less spam by enhancing tools to help email marketers. His work experience ranges from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Zain obtained his BS in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Psychology from Purdue University. Since pain doesn’t have memory, he decided to return and get his M.B.A with a focus on Product Management and Marketing.


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