MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) 1.3.1 is Available

We’re excited to announce the release of Rocket® MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) 1.3.1 with new features to give you more control plus improved ease of use to expose MultiValue data and business logic as RESTful APIs.

You’ll appreciate enhanced Vanity URL support with pass-through capabilities that give MV developers full control of format and content of output payloads. With pass-through mode you or your developers can create custom JSON or XML documents on BASIC subroutines and return the results as-is in the REST response payload.

Also starting with the new release, if you use Rocket U2 Web Development Environment (Web DE), upgrade to MVIS without the need of any additional components. With this version of MVIS, you can both deploy and run RBOs and make modifications if you need to fix or enhance RBOs.

You’ll also benefit from expanded support in MVIS with generic support for OAuth 2.0 identity providers. You can configure MVIS to work with your identity provider of choice.

Finally, you’ll love these new administrative features for improved logging and performance:

  • Enhanced Logging: Account Logging On Start is a new parameter that has been added to the Configuration > Control section of the MVIS Admin UI. This parameter enables including account names in log entries for better observability.
  • Time-To-Live Setting for better management of unresponsive MV Servers: MVIS 1.3.1 provides the capability to set a Time-To-Live value for MVIS requests. Using this value, MVIS will timeout abort requests waiting in queue longer than the set value.

Visit RBC today to order MVIS 1.3.1 – free if your maintenance contract is active.

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