MVX: Performance 1.3.0 is Now Available on RBC

Test drive the MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance) to help you to quickly identify and address Rocket UniVerse performance issues.
Using its dashboard, administrators and DBAs can keep track of events, user sessions, file and group locks, and host CPU/memory to ensure maximum performance. MVX: Performance also sends you alerts and recommendations to keep performance humming. Like other MultiValue products, you can order it now in RBC. It’s free for our UniVerse customers on maintenance.
As promised, we are releasing new features quarterly. In this quarter’s 1.3.0 version, you’ll gain even more insight into performance because we’ve added nine new OS-related events:
1. UV file pool usage
2. Virtual memory usage
3. Process memory usage
4. Cache faults
5. Process handle usage
6. System non-paged pool usage
7. Disk usage
8. Disk Queue length
9. Process CPU usage

In addition, you’ll benefit from improvements to the installation script including a security feature with anti-CSRF protection; and MVX component and Java upgrades ensure you comply with today’s security requirements. The script also verifies if you’re using Docker or Podman with MVX: Performance.

You can troubleshoot issues more efficiently thanks to debug-level logging. MVX: Performance 1.3 also makes it easier to troubleshoot PIDs due to an OS-related API enhancement. Find the MVX: Performance tab in your browser at a glance by looking for the new Favicon.


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Mary Schulz is a Senior Product Manager at Rocket Software responsible for the product roadmap of the Rocket MVX Experience product. Mary has over 20 years of product management experience. Outside of work, she’s an avid movie watcher and loves going to the beach.


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