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    I have been a member of the Rocket MV product development team for over 25 years. Most recently my focus has been on enhancing the database server's security offerings, including SSL, data encryption and audit logging. I have been closely following the ever-changing security landscape of the industry and am committed to bringing new security features into our Rocket MV product families.


Credential Manager and Token-based Authentication

Traditionally, U2 applications need to provide OS-based user credentials (namely, OS user account names and passwords) to establish a connection to U2 database servers, which then perform authentication based on the credential and set the identity of the U2 processes accordingly. With the proliferation of the Cloud, more and more users are moving their applications […]

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Securing your SSL Configuration Files using Secuconf

When you set up SSL for UniVerse and UniData servers, or for ODBC or OLEDB clients, you need to let the UniData and UniVerse server or client know where to find the SSL properties that will be used during SSL session establishment. For servers, the configuration is determined by the .unisecurity file under the unishared […]

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7 Things You Need to Know about the U2 Root Certificate Store (U2RCS)

What’s U2RCS? U2RCS is a trusted store provided by Rocket that makes the life of a UniVerse or UniData application developer or administrator much easier and provides a greater level of confidence that your data in transit is protected. The U2 Root Certificate Store (U2RCS) is a container which includes a set of the most […]

U2 businesses need Audit Logging to protect their assets

Audit Logging for Rocket UniVerse 11.3.1 & UniData 8.2 Why your business requires Audit Logging Hardly a day goes by without hearing headline news of IT security breaches. Since your business’s lifeline depends on computerized systems, IT system security has become increasingly vital to enterprises, big and small. Knowing what’s happened and what’s going on […]

Making Your Application More Secure with UniVerse 11.3.1 and UniData 8.2

Information systems security is high on the task list of today’s IT professionals. With your enterprise’s business on the line, securing your applications and servers is not a task to be taken lightly. If you’re running an application based on the UniVerse or UniData application platform, then you have a set of security features and […]