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    John Raneri, VP Partner Strategy at Fortitude Technology, Inc. (, is focused on making it easy and cost effective for organizations to migrate to the cloud. Fortitude Technology provides hosting, backup, disaster recovery & virtual desktops allowing businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the cloud. John considers himself to be both an IoT guy and a data guy. He has held top positions at Quake Global, Awarepoint and Sun Microsystems. Prior to Sun, he worked on the storage side at Hitachi Data Systems and AT&T and supported several Fortune 100 companies. In his personal time, John loves spending time with his family and riding his Harley. You can contact John at


How the Cloud can secure proven, business-critical applications running on older operating systems & hardware

Application lifecycle management can get pretty tricky when your proven, business-critical application is doing its job and the cost/value of  a hardware/operating system upgrade doesn’t make sense. These applications are typically a bit cumbersome to maintain, in regard to security and compliance, especially as they age. We will look at this situation from two different […]