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    I hold a master’s degree in Technical Communications and am an Information Developer for Rocket D3 products. Before joining Rocket in 2016, I wrote technical documentation for medical devices, software, and hardware. Outside of work, I love taking hikes with my dogs (Rogan and Tilde) in the mountains and traveling to interesting places.

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3 Tips to Help with Your Transition to D3 10.3 Windows

In July, Rocket Software released D3 10.3 Windows with performance improvement, security upgrades, and new features that will enhance your D3 experience. There are significant changes to the installation process and new documentation choices to support the upgrade. This blog is designed to ensure that current D3 customers have the information necessary to give them […]


D3 Hidden Gems: 5 Tips That Can Make Using D3 Easier

This blog was inspired by your comments and suggestions. It highlights D3 features that might not have caught your attention when they were released. Looking for a way to easily scroll through an AQL report? How about a more flexible way to display summary text? We’ll show you how to accomplish these tasks, plus a […]