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    Mark Pick - CEO (Cloud Evangelist Officer) Pick Cloud, Inc. Mark Pick comes to Pick Cloud, Inc. (PCI) with almost a lifetime of experience in the MultiValue arena. Pick whose name is synonymous with MultiValue thanks to his father Dick Pick, who is widely credited as a founding father of MultiValue software, is commonly recognized as an expert in the Pick arena. As CEO of Pick Cloud, Inc., he oversees the successful migrations of companies of all sizes from on-premise to a fully managed worry-free cloud environment. These companies also enjoy 99.999% uptime and full redundancy. Mark’s unique and wide-ranging skill set has enabled him to contribute to the success of several companies in a variety of roles throughout his career. He has participated as a speaker at various MultiValue User Groups, led lunch and learn seminars as well as had numerous articles and interviews published.


Solving the Cloud Printing Conundrum

One of the most critical parts of your application that often gets overlooked when migrating to the cloud is PRINTING!  Think about it; your on-prem printers and server are literally several feet away from each other or all connected on your local internal network.  Once you move your MultiValue PICK application to the cloud, how […]

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❤️ Love your data? Fall in love with your backups. ❤️

Data is the lifeblood of your business. What happens if you lost access to it, or even worse, lost your data altogether? Would your business survive? The stories we tell here are true. We have changed the names to protect the innocent. You may already know Phil and Phyllis. They work for Acme Corp. with […]

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Full Circle – From Timeshare to Cloud on Rocket Software’s MultiValue Application Platform

As many of you know, my dad, Dick Pick, along with Don Nelson, were the creators of G.I.R.L.S. more than fifty years ago. G.I.R.L.S. was initially built for tracking spare parts for Cheyenne helicopters at the huge military contractor TRW Systems in the United States. This was the beginning of PICK/MultiValue as we know it […]