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    Michael has been in the Tech Industry for two years and enjoys the constant growth of everyday problem solving. In his free time, Michael teaches and practices Vinyasa Yoga and is on the board of two non-profits : Out in Tech and Queer Business Alliance helping queer people find their voice in the world of business. If you’re ever curious about what Michael’s up to today, feel free to reach out to him! Jessica Culver’s journey into the world of tech began when she decided to become a self-taught engineer two years ago. After discovering Python and SQL, and learning the basics, she decided to enroll in the Galvanize Coding School to further her endeavors and gain practical skills of working with code in a corporate environment. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, paddle boarding, and exploring Colorado parks.


The journey of two young developers: from Rocket.Build Community participants, to interns, to full-time employees

Lately, life has been about self-improvement. I moved to a new city and found a home in Denver. I went back to school to become a web developer. Moving somewhere new means branching out, right? With the skills we acquired at the  Galvanize Web Development Immersive, my classmate Jessica Culver, and I stumbled upon a […]